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Cuts to preregistration pharmacy training: education chiefs slam the brakes onSubscription

21 MAR 2019By ,

On 19 February 2019, Hazel Smith from Health Education England wrote to hospital chief pharmacists about cuts to funding for the training of hospital preregistration pharmacists for the second time in six weeks.

Independents: services central to the future

Independents: services central to the futureSubscription

29 MAR 2019By ,

Independent community pharmacies are focusing on services as a way of surviving the financial turmoil.

Large pharmacy crosses

Large multiples: feeling the financial squeezeSubscription

27 MAR 2019By , Richard Crump

How the UK’s four largest community pharmacy chains are coping with the current financial climate and the strategies they are employing to tackle the challenges it brings.

Small multiples: thriving or surviving?

Small multiples: thriving or surviving?Subscription

28 MAR 2019By

Small multiples are growing and exploring life outside the NHS, but they are still far from being in an ideal position in 2019’s financial climate.

Measuring the market infographic

Measuring the marketSubscription


There has been a slight contraction in the community pharmacy market in Great Britain since 2016, with small multiples winning out over large multiples and independent pharmacies

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pharmacy cross on platform with pills and pharmacist client interaction

Community pharmacy: experiencing severe turbulenceSubscription

The warning lights are flashing, but 2019 could mark a turning point.

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Transparency required to prove fitness-to-practise process is non-discriminatorySubscription

The pharmacy regulator must be more transparent about how it conducts fitness-to-practise investigations if trust in its ability to do a fair job is to be maintained.


Pharmacist holding back cannabis prescription and giving out other prescription instead

Why patients are still being denied legalised medical cannabisSubscription


Hospital trust bureaucracy and doctors’ ignorance are to blame for the lack of prescriptions for medical cannabis being issued on the NHS, despite its reclassification for medical use in November 2018.


image of Kenny Black

Kenny Black: 'We want a smaller, easier-to-manage business'Subscription


As Rowlands Pharmacy puts 70 pharmacies up for sale, its managing director Kenny Black speaks about how the business will change and the threats from online pharmacies and Brexit.

Learning article

Image of a traumatic ulcer

Oral ulceration: causes and managementSubscription

By Michael A O Lewis,

Patients often present in community pharmacy with mouth ulcers. This article describes the aetiology, presentation and treatment options for six types.

illustration-profile of a skull

Suicide: how to recognise the warning signs and deal with disclosureSubscription


The risk factors for suicide, and the psychological frameworks and practical tools to use when dealing with disclosure of suicidal ideation.


Image of Deji Alli

A day in the life of a head of pharmacovigilance Subscription


Deji Alli details a typical day as head of pharmacovigilance and Responsible Person for the largest clinical homecare provider in the UK.


Blood pressure monitor

NICE proposes lowering threshold for blood pressure treatment

Thousands more people could be eligible for blood pressure treatment under new National Institute for Health and Care Excellence draft guidance.

London skyline

London minor ailments service wins second reprieve

A community pharmacy-run minor ailments scheme covering 14 London boroughs which was due to be wound up at the end of March 2019, has won a second reprieve.

General Pharmaceutical Council

GPhC fails to listen to consultation feedback, 25% of surveyed registrants say

A quarter of respondents to a General Pharmaceutical Council survey said they do not feel the regulator listens to the feedback they provide in consultation responses.

Ken Jarrold

Rebalancing board is 'not actively considering' supervision, says chair

The Rebalancing Medicines Legislation and Pharmacy Regulation Programme Board is currently “not actively considering” pharmacy supervision, Ken Jarrold, the board’s chair, has said.

Boots logo

Boots head office proposes to cut 350 jobs as part of restructuring drive

Boots has told its employees of proposed plans to cut up to 350 jobs from the company’s head office in Nottingham in an effort to save money.

Amira Guirguis

First Home Office-licensed street drug-testing clinic opens

The first Home Office-licensed clinic that field tests street drugs has opened in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset.

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