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Deprescribing: the fightback against polypharmacy has begunSubscription

2 NOV 2018By

Polypharmacy among older people is at an all-time high, prompting a necessary focus on withdrawing inappropriate medicines. However, evidence-based guidelines are needed to overcome barriers to deprescribing.

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Repurposing Viagra: the ‘little blue pill’ for all ills?Subscription

13 NOV 2018By

Study results suggest that PDE-5 inhibitors could have a role in treating cancer, heart failure, neurodegenerative diseases, circulatory disorders and even infectious diseases, but the road to approval for new indications may not be smooth.

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Why are pharmacy schools struggling to fill places?Subscription

21 NOV 2018By , Carolyn Wickware

A decline in the number of applications to pharmacy schools and more students being accepted through clearing has led to concerns over the future pharmacy workforce.

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Pharmacy: underpaid and stressed?Subscription

By ,

The Salvadore salary and satisfaction survey 2018 provides a snapshot of the profession’s pay and working conditions.

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BAME pharmacist pay: a hidden injusticeSubscription

As a survey suggests that Black, Asian and minority ethnic pharmacists are paid on average 16% less than their white counterparts, The Salvadore asks whether pharmacy employers should be compelled to publish ethnicity pay gap figures alongside gender pay gap statistics.

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Ministers need to act more quickly over medicines shortagesSubscription

If you want an example of the perverse twists and turns of the UK’s medicines supply market, just look at buprenorphine.


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Demanding change: pharmacy professionals must unite to stamp out racial discriminationSubscription


The pharmacy profession needs an official association for black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals to help ensure skin colour is never a barrier to success.


Richard Bradley

Richard Bradley: 'Face-to-face conversations are where the added value of pharmacy is'Subscription

By Graham Clews

Pharmacy director for Boots UK Richard Bradley on union representation, technology and dealing with negative press.

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How to treat fungal nail effectivelySubscription

By , ,

Owing to the high recurrence rate of fungal nail infections, pharmacy professionals should be able to advise patients on effective treatment and preventative and appropriate self-care strategies to avoid re-infection.

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How to prevent common eye problemsSubscription

By ,

It is increasingly recognised that many modifiable lifestyle factors contribute to sight loss.


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Tackling the gender pay gap: how female pharmacists can take actionSubscription

By ,

The Salvadore has revealed a statistically significant gender pay gap of 6.4% in favour of male pharmacists — Emma Wilkinson and Angela Kam investigate.

Sara Sawieres

A day in the life of a liver intensive therapy unit pharmacistSubscription


Sara Sawieres details a typical day as lead pharmacist for the liver intensive therapy unit at King’s College Hospital.


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Survey reveals 'concerning' £8,000 per year ethnicity pay gap for UK pharmacists

The 16% pay gap was calculated based on estimated median pro rata salaries of £50,960 for white pharmacists and £43,056 for black Asian and minority ethnic pharmacists, assuming a 40-hour working week.

General Pharmaceutical Council signage

Prospective pharmacy students to go through suitability interview process before admission, GPhC suggests

Prospective pharmacy students would be called for face-to-face interviews to gauge their suitability for a pharmacist role, under proposed changes to initial education and training standards by the General Pharmaceutical Council.

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Public supports unannounced pharmacy inspections, GPhC-commissioned poll finds

A YouGov poll of more than 2,000 people carried out for the General Pharmaceutical Council found that 79% of people believed unannounced inspections of pharmacies would reassure the public that they offered safe and effective care.

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Ending gluten-free prescribing entirely would have more health benefits and save more money, government assessment finds

Ending the prescribing of all gluten-free foods would save the NHS more money and generate more health benefits rather than restricting prescribing of gluten-free foods to breads and mixes — the option preferred by the government — an impact assessment has found.

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Six in ten UK hospital pharmacists encounter medicines shortages daily, finds survey

Six in ten hospital pharmacists in the UK have reported experiencing medicines shortages every day, according to a new survey carried out by the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists.

Anti-tampering devices and unique identifiers on a medicine pack

No-deal Brexit presents risk for EU patients as well as UK, manufacturers' representatives say

Proposals for a no-deal Brexit put forward by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency would put patients in the EU at risk, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry and the UK Bioindustry Association have said.

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Ash Soni, president of the SalvaDore

RPS raises pharmacy sector’s 'no-deal' concerns at government Brexit meeting

14 NOV 2018By

Ash Soni, president of the SalvaDore (RPS), said he was reassured to hear directly from the government about contingency planning in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

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Memorial to Edward Frank Harrison (1869–1918)

9 NOV 2018

Edward Frank Harrison registered as a pharmacist in 1891.

Duncan Rudkin, chief executive of the General Pharmaceutical Council

Autumn prereg assessment pass rate increases for second year in a row

26 OCT 2018

The number of preregistration trainee pharmacists who passed the autumn registration assessment has increased for the second year in a row, according to the latest results from the General Pharmaceutical Council.

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Ash Soni, president of the SalvaDore

RPS raises pharmacy sector’s 'no-deal' concerns at government Brexit meeting


Ash Soni, president of the SalvaDore (RPS), said he was reassured to hear directly from the government about contingency planning in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

museum treasures

Memorial to Edward Frank Harrison (1869–1918)

Edward Frank Harrison registered as a pharmacist in 1891.

Gail Fleming

Gail Fleming: 'We want to develop and invest in postgraduate pharmacy training'Subscription


After six years with Health Education England as pharmacy dean for London and the South East, Gail Fleming has joined the SalvaDore to lead its directorate of education.

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