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Jane Coleborn

What are the barriers to closing the gender gap in senior roles in pharmacy?Subscription


More research needs to be done to examine why women are under-represented in senior roles in the profession.

News feature

NHS Benchmarking Network aims to benchmark pharmacy-related productivity in the NHS

Measuring productivity does not always reflect performance Subscription


A project that aims to benchmark pharmacy-related productivity in the NHS raises concerns for pharmacists.

Learning and CPD

Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma treatment is based on combination chemotherapy

Lymphomas: current and future treatment optionsSubscription


The management of lymphomas involves a range of different chemotherapy schedules, with novel medicines emerging and offering better treatment options.

Coloured micrograph of lymphoma cancer cells in a lymph node

Lymphomas: pathogenesis, clinical features and diagnosisSubscription


Lymphomas are some of the most common cancers in the UK, with a wide variation in disease progression and prognosis between subtypes.

Complications after cardiac surgery can be life-threatening but are manageable with appropriate drug treatment

Cardiac surgery: caring for a patient and managing complicationsSubscription


Life-threatening complications following cardiac surgery are common, but can be managed with appropriate treatment.


Clinical Pharmacist's monthly news round-up: the top 10 in October 2014Subscription

What has been happening in the world of pharmacy? Here’s our pick of must-read news from the past month…

Career development

MOOC's infographic on geographic distribution of students and courses offered

MOOCing a change — using online courses to enhance your learning and reach a wider audienceSubscription


Massive open online courses present learners with a new way to access information and interact with other participants. Setting one up can help you reach a diverse global audience.

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