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Setting up a pharmacy provider company to win tenders for new services


With public health bodies and clinical commissioning groups now seeking single organisations to manage local services, Steve Hemsley examines the benefits for community pharmacists and pharmacies when creating pharmacy provider companies to tender for new services, as well as the risks and challenges posed by this new approach. 

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How pharmacists can boost sales of over-the-counter medicines


Joanna Mills, consumer and influencer insight manager at specialist over-the-counter pharmaceutical company Perrigo, uses examples from Warman-Freed pharmacy in London to explain how pharmacists can increase their sales of non-prescription products.

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How to evaluate services delivered within community pharmacySubscription

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How pharmacists and healthcare professionals can perform service-based evaluations within community pharmacy.

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Dry eye in community pharmacy

By Tony Scully

People visit pharmacies to seek advice on everything from hay fever to stomach bugs and sprained wrists. While it is known that people also ask their pharmacist about dry eye, we know little about the frequency of such complaints or how knowledgeable pharmacists are in providing quality care, since they receive little formal training on the condition. 

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Structured training for community pharmacy staffSubscription


Finding the time and money to train pharmacists and pharmacy team members is not easy but there are business advantages of having well-trained staff, including a more knowledgeable and productive workforce.

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    Evidence-based understanding of dry eye disease in pharmacy: overview of the TFOS DEWS II report

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    July 2017 saw publication of the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society International Dry Eye Workshop report, an update to the 2007 report that became the reference for clinicians, researchers and industry on dry eye. Pharmacy is a frequent point of for patients with a dry eye condition. Pharmacists and pharmacy teams should therefore be aware of its changing definiton, causes, diagnosis and management.

    Promoting self care to reduce unnecessary GP visits


    Healthcare is changing dramatically and so are the needs of our patients. As such, GPs and our teams are changing the ways in which we are working, but we also need our patients to play their part.

    Wear glasses to reduce dry eye


    I read with interest your Focus dry eye supplement in the August issue of The Salvadore. Wearing spectacles would probably help most patients suffering from dry eye. I have found that city air pollution aggravates the condition, but wearing glasses quickly works and it is no longer a problem.

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    How to build and maintain trust with patients

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    Patients are more likely to open up and disclose information if they trust their pharmacist or healthcare professional, and a better quality of interaction may result in greater patient autonomy and shared decision-making.

    Campaign to raise eye drop technique awareness

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    In summer 2016, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust launched its pharmacy-led #knowyourdrops campaign. Its main objectives are to promote and encourage good eye drop compliance, provide support to patients, carers and staff regarding best techniques for administering eye drops, and demonstrate the range of available compliance aids and review their benefits for individual patients.

    A typical dry eye. The green speckling shows the dry areas on the eye surface after instillation of a special eye drop

    Identification of dry eye conditions in community pharmacy

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    How community pharmacists can identify patients with dry eye and how these conditions can be diagnosed.

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