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  • Tribute: Robert Clayton

    I was both shocked and saddened to learn this week that Robert Clayton had died.

  • Deaths: Robert Clayton

    On 11 December 2018, Robert Clayton, aged 71 years, of West Sussex. Mr Clayton registered with the Society in 1969 and was conferred Fellowship of the Society in 2008. In 2005, Mr Clayton was appointed as lead for long-term conditions and public health within the Society’s Directorate of Practice and Quality Improvement, and in 2006 he became that Directorate’s head of practice.  

  • Tribute: Merton Shiers

    Merton Shiers was a typical community pharmacist of the 1950s, who for many years enjoyed serving his customers and patients. He was innovative within in his time, creating his own versions of cough medicines and other remedies. These were sold under the name Tonela — a play on words of his and his wife Pamela’s names. His other innovation included a wide range of baby equipment, and as Mothercare had just come to market in the early 1960s, he called it ‘Fathercare’ in his shop.

  • Deaths: John Eric Jones

    On 15 September 2018, John Eric Jones MRPharmS, aged 88 years, of Barnet, Hertfordshire. Mr Jones registered with the Society in 1957.

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