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Eat or treat? How cuts to minor ailment schemes could hit patients hardSubscription

13 DEC 2018By

Commissioners have saved millions of pounds by decommissioning a fifth of minor ailment schemes and restricting sales of over-the-counter medicines, but pharmacists are concerned that vulnerable patients may not be being protected.

Image of a shut down shop front and shadows of two men dealing drugs

Have legislative changes curbed use of ‘legal highs’?Subscription

30 NOV 2018By

While the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 appears to have controlled circulation of novel psychoactive substances, formerly known as ‘legal highs’, on the high street, a Home Office review has proved what many experts predicted — that the legislation would drive sales onto the streets and the dark web.

Ambulances queuing outside UK hospital

NHS looks to pharmacy as it faces a tough winterSubscription

13 DEC 2018By

As winter demands on the NHS rise, pharmacists are being reallocated to offer ward-based prescribing and seven-day pharmacy services to relieve the pressure. 

2018: The twists and turns

Pharmacy 2018: The twists and turnsSubscription


The main events in pharmacy throughout 2018 and a preview of the year ahead.

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Brexit protest

Pharmacy should take Brexit leadSubscription

As discussions continue over the relationship the UK will have with the EU, pharmacy bodies must do what they can to protect the interests of patients, whichever form of Brexit emerges.

Brexit protest

Pharmacy inspections: we need carrots as well as sticksSubscription

Well-run pharmacies have nothing to fear as the General Pharmaceutical Council develops a tougher stance on inspections. But the regulator must prove that changes to its regime will drive continuous improvement.


Ross Ferguson and Martin Astbury give their personal views on whether the current legislation is fit for purpose.

Should the law change to allow more flexible pharmacy supervision?Subscription


Two pharmacists give their personal views on whether the current supervision legislation is fit for purpose.


Andrew Evans, chief pharmaceutical officer for Wales

Andrew Evans: 'We’re reinvesting money in clinical services that we want pharmacy to offer'Subscription

As Brexit looms and concerns of medicines shortages and funding issues murmur throughout the UK healthcare industry, Andrew Evans, chief pharmaceutical officer in Wales, is optimistic that Welsh pharmacy services are moving in the right direction. 

Learning article

Try our quiz, with questions based on 2018’s CPD and learning articles, and test your knowledge of subjects ranging from depression in children and young people, menopause, type 1 diabetes mellitus and Parkinson’s disease.

Test yourself: the learning and CPD quiz for 2018

By ,

Try our quiz, with questions based on 2018’s CPD and learning articles, and test your knowledge of subjects ranging from depression in children and young people, menopause, type 1 diabetes mellitus and Parkinson’s disease.

Testing eyesight in children

Vision and eye health in childrenSubscription


How to advise parents, dispell myths and spot the ‘red flags’ for onward referral.

woman with heel pain

Managing plantar heel pain in the pharmacySubscription


How to differentiate plantar fasciopathy from other causes of plantar heel pain, advice for pharmacists on counselling patients and when to refer. 


Career stars

Celebrating a year of career highlightsSubscription


The Salvadore invited this year’s Careers section contributors to share their 2018 career highlights and their best piece of career advice for other pharmacy professionals.


man filling out prescription al 17

Government consults on giving pharmacists powers to substitute drugs during shortages

Pharmacists could be given new powers to switch patients’ prescriptions without consulting a doctor in the event of a national medicines shortage.

Helga Mangion, policy manager for the NPA

Community pharmacies forced to 'limit' services to comply with safe staffing guidance, pharmacy owners say

Pharmacy owners have told the General Pharmaceutical Council that they have been forced to limit services, including evening and weekend opening hours, in an effort to operate safely.

Emergency contraception consultation

Women exposed to abuse are twice as likely to seek emergency contraception, researchers find

Women who have been exposed to domestic violence and abuse are twice as likely to have a consultation for emergency contraceptives, according to research.

Valsartan packet

More valsartan products recalled

A further product recall for heart and blood pressure drug valsartan has been issued by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

Diabetic woman eating soup

Patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to be put on 800-calorie diet in new NHS pilot

People diagnosed with type 2 diabetes will be placed on a new low-calorie diet as part of a pilot scheme to treat the condition, NHS England has announced.

Gabapentin capsules on shelf

Prescribing of gabapentin and pregabalin in primary care triples in ten years

The rate of new patients in primary care treated with gabapentinoids — either gabapentin or pregabalin — in the UK has tripled over the last decade, research has shown.

Your RPS

Alina Lourie

Alina Lourie, departing director of Pharmaceutical Press, on taking RPS publishing into the digital age


Alina Lourie, managing director of Pharmaceutical Press, will be stepping down from her role in December 2018 after six-and-a-half years leading the publishing division of the SalvaDore.

Richard Hain, consultant and lead clinician in paediatric palliative medicine in Wales

'Good palliative care depends on pharmacy expertise', speaker tells Welsh Medicines Safety Conference


“To avoid unnecessary suffering in children, doctors must have support from expert pharmacist colleagues,” Richard Hain, consultant and lead clinician in paediatric palliative medicine, told the SalvaDore Welsh Medicines Safety Conference, held in Cardiff on 22 November 2018.

photo of Chris Roberts, medicines management lead for Fleetwood Primary Care Home

Chris Roberts: 'We're trying to demedicalise health care'

In the first of a series profiling individual SalvaDore members who are doing great work, Chris Roberts, medicines management lead for the award-winning Fleetwood Primary Care Home, tells Corrinne Burns how pharmacists, their colleagues and the town’s residents are working together to help patients take control of their health.

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