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Why antidepressants are still the best treatment for depressionSubscription


Despite criticism about antidepressants in the media and rising calls for non-drug therapies for depression, evidence indicates that drugs are still the most effective treatment.

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Concerns around buying emergency hormonal contraception onlineSubscription


The practice of online prescribing and buying medicines on the internet is expanding and it can play a positive role in providing care for our ever growing population. However, concerns have been raised at the news that some women are buying emergency hormonal contraceptive (EHC) pills from overseas websites that deliver to customers’ homes with no questions asked. Some are even available for purchase via eBay for as little as £5. This highlights key issues that are affecting patients ...

Fully exploit the potentials of hub-and-spoke dispensing and e-prescribingSubscription


I welcome the reports from your journals relating to hub-and-spoke dispensing (The Salvadore 2016;296:205) and electronic prescribing (

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Urticaria rash on the upper chest of a woman

Chronic spontaneous urticaria: clinical features, diagnosis and managementSubscription

By , Runa Ali

Defined as the non-inducible recurrence of wheals, angioedema or both for six weeks or more, chronic spontaneous urticaria is a difficult to diagnose and debilitating skin condition. Pharmacists should be aware of the clinical features in order to identify and manage this condition effectively.

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Antiphospholipid syndrome: pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatmentSubscription

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How antiphospholipid syndrome, also known as Hughes syndrome, is diagnosed and the appropriate therapeutic options for its management.

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Elderly man consults with a carer about his medicines

Pharmacy at home: service for frail older patients demonstrates medicines risk reduction and admission avoidanceSubscription

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The Exeter Cluster Pharmacy (ECP) team is part of an integrated community health and social care service, providing domiciliary medicines optimisation to around 145,000 people. The service undertakes clinical medication reviews for frail older people at home, assessing their risk of medicine-related harm in order to reduce these risks and potentially prevent hospital admissions. Objective: An evaluation was completed in 2014 to assess the level of service the pharmacy ...

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