Person's face disintegrating, suicide concept

Suicide and preventionSubscription

In early January 2015, my daughter attended the funerals of two male friends. They didn’t know one another; they lived in different parts of the south of England. Both had committed suicide.


Illustration showing the path of pain and its inhibition at the level of the neurons of the spinal cord

Treatments for neuropathic pain

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Neuropathic pain (NP) is a common condition characterised by subjective negative and positive symptoms that range from numbness to debilitating pain. NP can have a significant negative impact on a patient’s quality of life. Pharmacotherapy is typically the first step in treating NP. Guidelines and consensus statements from various organisations around the world appear to be consistent with the classes of medications recommended for both general and specific types of NP, which include ...

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How chemotherapy and radiation lead to intergenerational impact on fertilitySubscription


On 31 October 2017, at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in San Antonio, Patel and colleagues presented the first study to correlate chemotherapy-treated women with reduced fertility of their offspring

Survey of oncology healthcare professionals demonstrates inadequate reference information sources used for prescribingSubscription

We wish to highlight to readers of Clinical Pharmacist, the results of a recent survey of oncology healthcare professionals (HCPs) which demonstrated that inadequate and potentially out-of-date sources of information may be used as reference sources for prescribing medicines in oncology. Use of outdated reference sources has implications for patient safety, potentially exposing patients to risk.

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