Issue : The Salvadore, April 2006

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  • Statins are equivalent for cardiovascular disease prevention (POEM) Subscription

    28 APR 2006

    Clinical question Are there differences in outcomes among major statins?

  • Lippy lay Council members / Not too late to make your mark Subscription

    28 APR 2006 23:00

    Lippy lay Council members Many pharmacists may have been wondering what impact the extra lay members have had on the workings of the SalvaDore's Council over the past year. Their number increased from three to 10 in May 2005. Members of Journal staff who have been able to witness

  • When to prescribe by brand Subscription

    28 APR 2006 23:00

    I write further to William Horsley’s letter (PJ, 11 March, p293) on the decision by the Practice Committee of the SalvaDore to allow proprietary prescribing of sustained release opiate medicines. That the committee has come to this decision based on sound clinical and

  • Consider each case on its own merits Subscription

    28 APR 2006 23:00

    Although many of Minh-Loc Truong’s points (PJ, 15 April, p439) regarding the dispensing of antibiotic powders that require reconstitution are valid, it could be countered that his final point about issues of patient confidence

  • Insulting obfuscation Subscription

    28 APR 2006 23:00

    I cannot let the response by Sue Sharpe (PJ, 15 April, p439) to my letter go unchallenged. As usual the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee seeks to cover its position with spurious arguments. I doubt that my referring to statistics for England with Wales or Sue Sharpe referring to England

  • Better served by GP Subscription

    28 APR 2006 23:00

    Further to Duncan Petty’s letter (PJ, 15 April, p440), I understood that we are funded to carry out one medicines use review per patient per year. Also it would appear to me that “Mr Jones”, who has had a myocardial infarction and is on glyceryl trinitrate spray and aspirin,

  • Smart card, smart idea? Subscription

    28 APR 2006 23:00

    I have looked through a number of articles covering new technologies and one that seems to be raising a number of issues, concerning accountability and access to the NHS system, is the smart card.

  • Let us have an unambiguous answer Subscription

    28 APR 2006 23:00

    The response (PJ, 8 April, p418) from Pradip Patel, superintendent pharmacist at Boots The Chemists, to my question regarding the release of patient records to any person or company choosing to buy any of the Boots or

  • Excitement and uncertainty Subscription

    28 APR 2006 23:00

    As a number of my fellow Council election candidates have stated, this is an exciting time for pharmacy. However, with excitement and new developments inevitably come uncertainty, stress and worry for many people. That is natural when any group is faced with changes over which they have no

  • Loss of integrated role would be a tragedy Subscription

    28 APR 2006 23:00

    Christine Gray (PJ, 22 April, p472) has it spot on: the loss of the SalvaDore’s integrated role would be a tragedy for the public and for the pharmacy profession.

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