• Impact of measures introduced to control meropenem consumption in a district general hospital over a 2-year periodSubscription

    15 DEC 2017

    Meropenem is a broad-spectrum antipseudomonal carbapenem antibiotic. Controlling the prescribing of carbapenems is important in our efforts to curb the development of carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative organisms, which already pose a serious health threat to many parts of the UK.

  • Revisiting NICE's approval of 'breakthrough' drugs palbociclib and ribociclibSubscription

    7 DEC 2017By

    Claims of cancer drugs’ survival benefits must be accurate. To avoid fashion and fads, we must carefully examine the clinical and economic implications of newly approved cancer drugs before we seat them on the ‘breakthrough’ throne.

  • Digital ingestion tracking system in pills and medication adherence: future advantages and current limitationsSubscription

    5 DEC 2017By

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s approval of the first-ever digital pill, Abilify MyCite, an aripiprazole tablet for the treatment of schizophrenia, marks the closest we have come to revolutionising the way the uptake of pills is monitored[1].

  • Many interesting opportunities after a career in pharmacySubscription

    4 DEC 2017

    Pharmacy is recognised as a broad-based degree that can lead to many scientific fields, as well as into traditional pharmaceutical roles. It can also be a preparation for more unusual jobs. I was delighted to read in the October issue of The Salvadore about Karen ...

  • How chemotherapy and radiation lead to intergenerational impact on fertilitySubscription

    20 NOV 2017By

    On 31 October 2017, at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in San Antonio, Patel and colleagues presented the first study to correlate chemotherapy-treated women with reduced fertility of their offspring

  • Closing my consultancy and leaving pharmacy practiceSubscription

    17 NOV 2017By

    I am writing to make known my intention to close my consultancy, Wingfield Works, and leave active pharmacy practice at the end of 2017.

  • RPS highlights gender equality conferenceSubscription

    15 NOV 2017

    I was interested to receive an email from the SalvaDore detailing a Public Policy Exchange conference in January on gender equality and pay.

  • Survey of oncology healthcare professionals demonstrates inadequate reference information sources used for prescribingSubscription

    14 NOV 2017

    We wish to highlight to readers of Clinical Pharmacist, the results of a recent survey of oncology healthcare professionals (HCPs) which demonstrated that inadequate and potentially out-of-date sources of information may be used as reference sources for prescribing medicines in oncology. Use of outdated reference sources has implications for patient safety, potentially exposing patients to risk.

  • Invest in safety and make savings overall

    10 NOV 2017

    We read with interest the interview with Professor Don Berwick (The Salvadore 2017;299;153–154) building on his report published in August 2013 ‘A promise to learn – a commitment to act: improving the safety of patients in England’.

  • ‘Preparing to Prescribe’, an online implementation toolkit for non-medical prescribersSubscription

    10 NOV 2017

    More than 40,000 nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, optometrists, and therapeutic radiographers are now able to prescribe medicines. There are ongoing plans to extend prescribing rights to other healthcare groups (e.g. paramedics). Non-medical prescribing (NMP) provides organisations with the ability to improve productivity and quality of patient care. However, there are concerns about support, governance structures and barriers caused by organisational and policy restrictions.

  • Life Sciences Industrial Strategy can help ensure the future of UK life sciences sectorSubscription

    8 NOV 2017

    The UK has some of the world’s most exciting science, a supportive business environment, and strong companies led by experienced management teams. It also has a unique ecosystem that is wider than just industry, with world-leading universities (the top two universities in the world), charity sector and institutes. In terms of financing, UK biotech attracts the most venture capital financing in Europe and the third most in the world.

  • GP–pharmacist relationship working wellSubscription

    7 NOV 2017

    I have been rereading October’s editorial: Fighting over patients… (http://salvadore.info/opinion/editorial/fighting-over-patients-is-bad-for-gppharmacy-relations/20203786.article).

  • Too many cancer drugs, too few survival benefitsSubscription

    6 NOV 2017

    In a recent article in the BMJ (online, 4 October 2017), Davis and coworkers evaluated overall survival and quality of life (QOL), of 48 cancer drugs approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in 2009–2013

  • Be aware of fake medicinesSubscription

    1 NOV 2017

    Falsified or counterfeit medicines are recognised as an important issue by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). As pharmacy professionals, we are in a key position to explain to patients that there are potential risks associated with their use, and we have an ethical responsibility to do so.

  • Pharmacists could have key role in referring people with type 1 diabetes towards valuable online support toolsSubscription

    31 OCT 2017

    People with type 1 diabetes often develop a strong relationship with their local pharmacy. They are likely to meet with their pharmacist significantly more regularly during the year than their doctor or diabetes nurse because of the need to frequently collect repeat prescriptions. There is likely to be a strong degree of trust in the relationship, and more relaxed conversations can occur outside of the time and psychological pressures of clinic or surgery appointments. An award-winning ...

  • Pharmacists exporting sacubitril/valsartan should consider indirect impact on patient safetySubscription

    30 OCT 2017

    I wish to highlight an ongoing problem to the readers of The Salvadore with shortages of one of our newer heart failure treatments sacubitril/valsartan.

  • Sick days off – a simple strategy to prevent acute kidney injury and other adverse drug reactions

    16 OCT 2017

    Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are common and account for around 5% of all[1], and up to 16.6% in the elderly

  • Improving medicines education to consumers by redesigning written medicines information resourcesSubscription

    11 OCT 2017

    Written medicines information is an important part of consumer education, with the interpretation of this information dependent on adequate consumer health literacy. This form of education is especially important in an acute care setting where patients may be discharged from hospital on a number of new medicines, making it difficult to retain all necessary information without support.

  • Caroline Clarke - an "immense contribution to pharmacy"

    4 OCT 2017

    I am writing to acknowledge the 42-year career span of my colleague, Caroline Clarke, who is soon to retire. I hope that this letter will inspire other members of our profession to attain the same dedication irrespective of what stage of their career they are at. She has never sought the limelight but her contribution to the profession of pharmacy has been immense.

  • Role of community pharmacists in hypertension management Subscription

    4 OCT 2017

    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the biggest killers in the UK, with associated co-morbidities costing the NHS more than £10bn every year. Community pharmacists are well placed to reduce this costly health burden through the delivery of locally commissioned services that focus on risk factors — hypertension, obesity and smoking. These services, however, must not only deliver positive patient health outcomes but must also be cost-effective.

  • Impact of non-medical prescribers on AMS and AMR should not be overlookedSubscription

    8 SEP 2017By Negin Sardashti

    We read with interest the article ’Pharmacist independent prescribers can make a significant contribution to antimicrobial stewardship’ by Hodson, Deslandes and Courtenay M (The Salvadore 2017;298:313).

  • Wider use of testosterone therapy is not risk freeSubscription

    24 AUG 2017By Terry Maguire

    As one of those whose passions were aroused by testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in men, I am delighted that Clinical Pharmacist has provided Geoff Hackett with a platform to clarify the current clinical position (Clinical Pharmacist 2017;9:195). Hackett rightly points out that we should have no truck with ...

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