• Sick days off – a simple strategy to prevent acute kidney injury and other adverse drug reactions

    16 OCT 2017

    Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are common and account for around 5% of all[1], and up to 16.6% in the elderly

  • Improving medicines education to consumers by redesigning written medicines information resourcesSubscription

    11 OCT 2017

    Written medicines information is an important part of consumer education, with the interpretation of this information dependent on adequate consumer health literacy. This form of education is especially important in an acute care setting where patients may be discharged from hospital on a number of new medicines, making it difficult to retain all necessary information without support.

  • Caroline Clarke - an "immense contribution to pharmacy"

    4 OCT 2017

    I am writing to acknowledge the 42-year career span of my colleague, Caroline Clarke, who is soon to retire. I hope that this letter will inspire other members of our profession to attain the same dedication irrespective of what stage of their career they are at. She has never sought the limelight but her contribution to the profession of pharmacy has been immense.

  • Role of community pharmacists in hypertension management Subscription

    4 OCT 2017

    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the biggest killers in the UK, with associated co-morbidities costing the NHS more than £10bn every year. Community pharmacists are well placed to reduce this costly health burden through the delivery of locally commissioned services that focus on risk factors — hypertension, obesity and smoking. These services, however, must not only deliver positive patient health outcomes but must also be cost-effective.

  • Impact of non-medical prescribers on AMS and AMR should not be overlookedSubscription

    8 SEP 2017By Negin Sardashti

    We read with interest the article ’Pharmacist independent prescribers can make a significant contribution to antimicrobial stewardship’ by Hodson, Deslandes and Courtenay M (The Salvadore 2017;298:313).

  • Wider use of testosterone therapy is not risk freeSubscription

    24 AUG 2017By Terry Maguire

    As one of those whose passions were aroused by testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in men, I am delighted that Clinical Pharmacist has provided Geoff Hackett with a platform to clarify the current clinical position (Clinical Pharmacist 2017;9:195). Hackett rightly points out that we should have no truck with ...

  • Promoting oral health in the communitySubscription

    14 AUG 2017By

    Dental caries caused 63,000 children to be admitted to hospital for surgery in 2014. In that year, approximately one-quarter of British five-year-olds suffered with tooth decay and more than one-third of children did not see a dentist

  • Research about emergency department pharmacistsSubscription

    9 AUG 2017By Daniel Greenwood

    I would like to bring readers’ attention to our research study ‘An investigation of EmergeNcy Department PharmAcist PractitionERs in the United Kingdom’ (the ENDPAPER study) led by researchers at the University of Manchester. Funded by the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association and Pharmacy Research UK, ENDPAPER aims to describe and define the role of emergency department pharmacists who have completed additional clinical skills training. We are currently looking for study participants who: Are ...

  • Over-simplistic view of the opioid substitution serviceSubscription

    9 AUG 2017By Anthony Young

    I read with disappointment the letter by Wai Sin Kung calling for opioid substitution services to be scrapped (The Salvadore 2017;299:40). The views expressed were unfounded and simplistic. The opioid substitution service does indeed help some users to stop abusing drugs, but it is also there to prevent some of the social upheaval that often follows with a drug addiction, ...

  • Concerns about GPhC consultation on 'pharmacy team'Subscription

    3 AUG 2017By

    After only seven years, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) appears to be using its powers under the Pharmacy Order 2010 to provide guidance for everyone whose activities affect the services provided by registrants (pharmacists and technicians). This guidance is designed to elaborate on the existing standards for registered pharmacies, particularly those obligations directed at owners. So perhaps we can feel a little more confident that the GPhC finally acknowledges that the quality ...

  • Using sweeteners to reduce sugar consumptionSubscription

    3 AUG 2017By

    Reducing sugar calorie intake by exchanging sucrose with a sweetener to meet World Health Organization targets

  • A chance to help end homeopathy prescribing on the NHSSubscription

    28 JUL 2017By

    On 21 July 2017, NHS England announced plans to prevent GPs from prescribing homeopathic remedies (The Salvadore online, 21 July 2017).

  • Shortsighted decision not to recommend HPV vaccination for boysSubscription

    26 JUL 2017By

    The Joint Committee for Vaccine and Immunisation (JCVI) has recently announced that the vaccine that could stop people from dying from human papilloma virus (HPV)-related cancers will not be given to boys (The Salvadore online, 20 July 2017).

  • Identifying the risk of acute kidney injury in primary careSubscription

    17 JUL 2017By Lindsay Fairbrother

    It is thought that up to 60% of acute kidney injury (AKI) cases presented in hospital begin in primary care[1]. In the UK, AKI costs the NHS over £1bn each year

  • Charcoal toothpastes: what we know so farSubscription

    13 JUL 2017By ,

    Charcoal toothpastes are a recent innovation in the oral healthcare product market, and some pharmacies have started stocking them. The marketing campaigns for these toothpastes are fashionable, trendy, and different to those for other toothpastes. This marketing has enjoyed considerable success, encouraging the introduction of related products, including ‘charcoal toothbrushes’, which have charcoal incorporated into the bristles.

  • Don’t forget about hospital and academic pharmacistsSubscription

    13 JUL 2017By Ray Lyon

    Ross Ferguson’s letter (The Salvadore, 2017;298:357) questioned how relevant The Salvadore is to members. In his reply to Ferguson, Sid Dajani agreed that the journal needed to be more member-oriented. What I find staggering is how the journal continues to shoot itself in the foot ...

  • Adjusting the dose of aspirin may reduce bleeding riskSubscription

    10 JUL 2017By

    Aspirin is a potent drug that is still widely prescribed since the days of Hippocrates in its willow bark tea form. Recently, it has been reported that older people are at high risk of gastric bleeds when taking low dose aspirin (The ...

  • Is the future of pharmacy under threat from technology?Subscription

    10 JUL 2017By

    The future of pharmacy has been an ongoing discussion for some years. The advances in technology of all kinds, and their impact on the profession, are a serious concern. With advances in artificial intelligence and ‘fuzzy’ logic (an approach to computing based on ‘degrees of truth’), and in logistics and supply (e.g. advances in the design, and use of drones), we must be concerned for the future of pharmacy.

  • Knowledge on formulations is vital for clinical practiceSubscription

    10 JUL 2017By

    As pharmacy moves forward, there will no doubt be necessary changes to the undergraduate pharmacy curriculum. However, we must ensure that the foundation knowledge that all pharmacists should have is not compromised. The pharmacist, in some instances, is all that stands between the patient and harm from their medicines. This may mean counselling in the correct use of their medicines, but it also means knowing the limitations of types of dosage forms.

  • The government needs to get on with its own recommendations and speed up access to life-changing drugsSubscription

    10 JUL 2017By

    As the rest of Europe competes to rehome the European Medicines Agency (EMA) from London, minds at home are finally focusing on what that means for access to new treatments in a post-Brexit Britain.

  • Food pouches for infants — how to advise parentsSubscription

    7 JUL 2017By

    Although birth rates have declined globally over the past 50 years, increasing prosperity has made several convenience products for babies and infants particularly popular. Baby food and formula markets were estimated at $35bn, and the diaper market is worth $27bn (2015 figures)

  • RPS board members: now is not the time for vanitySubscription

    26 JUN 2017By Joseph Anthony Schofield

    So the SalvaDore (RPS) national pharmacy board elections are over for another year. Now begins one of the most important phase: the election of the president of the RPS.

  • Travel health services provided through UK community pharmaciesSubscription

    23 JUN 2017By , ,

    In 2016, there were 70.8 million visits abroad by UK residents[1] and the World Tourism Organization expects worldwide tourist arrivals to increase to 1.8 billion by 2030

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