• Questioning Keith Ridge's 'regret' for the cuts to community pharmacy fundingSubscription

    12 OCT 2018

    I commend The Salvadore for securing an interview with England’s ...

  • Harnessing the arts in pharmacy practice to improve public healthSubscription

    12 OCT 2018

    I am a pharmacist and a lecturer in pharmacy practice, but I am also a sculptor. I enjoy the tactile and sensory nature of the sculpting process and I experiment with a range of materials. I am fascinated by the way objects occupy space and affect how people feel.

  • Reducing suboptimal prescribing of glucagon-like peptide mimetics in type 2 diabetesSubscription

    11 OCT 2018

    In 2016, spend on diabetes prescribing — and glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) mimetics, in particular — at NHS Hastings and Rother Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford CCG was significantly higher than expected, based on national prescribing patterns. There was also significant variation between GP practices. A project was undertaken by the medicines management (MM) team to support primary care diabetes teams to work with patients to optimise prescribing ...

  • Community pharmacy is not the only sector to be affected by BrexitSubscription

    10 OCT 2018

    Following the UK general election in 2017, The Salvadore ran an article asking several pharmacists for their thoughts on the result (2017;298:351–353). One pharmacist worked in a GP surgery, but the remainder all worked in community pharmacy. I wrote to the journal then (

  • Call for submissions on polypharmacy and medicines optimisation

    9 OCT 2018By ,

    Clinical Pharmacist today invites article submissions to showcase current and best practice in the area of polypharmacy and medicines optimisation.

  • Clarifying comments made about research into the new medicines serviceSubscription

    28 SEP 2018

    The opinion piece ‘Let’s be honest about the new medicine service’ (The Salvadore online, 21 August 2018) argues for more research before the new medicine service (NMS) is rolled out to mental health patients; the argument is based partly on statements about perceived weaknesses ...

  • The challenge of tackling social isolation among older people through community pharmacySubscription

    21 SEP 2018

    Ageing Better in Camden, London, is one of 14 Big Lottery Fund Ageing Better programmes across England that are working to tackle social isolation ...

  • The Integrated Care Provider contract's implications for community pharmacySubscription

    18 SEP 2018By

    A series of documents have been published in support of NHS England’s consultation on the proposed Integrated Care Provider (ICP) contract. They provide details on how the contract would underpin integration between services, how it differs from existing NHS contracts, how it fits into the broader commissioning system, and which organisations could hold the ICP contract.

  • Myth-busting sessions in the community to improve knowledge of antimicrobial resistanceSubscription

    14 SEP 2018

    Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of today’s great public health challenges and it is driven by the use of antibiotics. As antimicrobial pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, we are tasked with reducing unnecessary antibiotic use in our patient population at Cwm Taf University Health Board, South Wales, which provides healthcare services to almost 300,000 people living in Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taf. Like many health organisations, we face the particular challenge of an ...

  • AEDs as a quality payment criterion: what could offer more quality than saving a life?Subscription

    14 SEP 2018

    Having jumped through the various hoops which the Department of Health has asked of community pharmacists to demonstrate the ‘quality’ community pharmacies offer, I am struck by how little difference any of the initiatives offer. Yes, they are all good ideas in principle, and we were already doing many of them without formal recognition.

  • Student writing competition asks if undergraduates should be registered with the GPhCSubscription

    13 SEP 2018

    The Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association (PLEA), founded in 1997 by Joy Wingfield, runs an annual essay competition which is open to all MPharm students in the UK and Ireland. The competition is now ten years old, having seen its first winner in 2009. PLEA is an independent, non-profit association for pharmacy professionals who are involved in law and ethics, and for lawyers, ethicists and others with an interest in pharmacy law and ethics.

  • Remembering homeopathic physician Peter FisherSubscription

    6 SEP 2018

    I read with sadness of the tragic death of the Queen Elizabeth II’s homeopathic physician, Peter Fisher, in a bicycle accident. He was an international figure in homeopathy and had served the Royal Household for 15 years.

  • Social media and its regulation in pharmacy: what students thinkSubscription

    29 AUG 2018

    An MPharm student research project was carried out at the school of pharmacy at Keele University to explore students’ familiarity with current social media guidance and to raise awareness of the guidance set out by the SalvaDore (RPS)

  • Metronidazole: high dose and long duration risks peripheral neuropathySubscription

    2 AUG 2018

    Metronidazole — a member of the nitroimidazole class of antibiotics — provides potent bactericidal action against anaerobic bacterial and protozoal infections. It is commonly used across all healthcare settings for common infections and plays an important role in treating both suspected and confirmed anaerobic bacterial infections; it is typically associated with deep-seated infections. Combination therapy with penicillin is common and is likely to feature more prominently in hospital ...

  • Pharmacists in a multidisciplinary atrial fibrillation clinicSubscription

    30 JUL 2018

    Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac rhythm disturbance and increases in prevalence with advancing age. Each year, Tallaght University Hospital in Dublin assesses and admits over 400 patients with stroke and transient ischemic attack. AF is implicated as a causative factor in 33% of these cases. An AF-related stroke is more likely to be fatal, disabling and recurrent than a non-AF related stroke. The risk of AF-related stroke is greatly reduced, however, by early detection ...

  • Like GPs and NHS employees, community pharmacists should have access to mental health support Subscription

    20 JUL 2018

    Many pharmacists complain of stress, and prolonged stress leads to serious health and wellbeing problems. Pharmacists have been known to drink or smoke more, snap at colleagues and customers, and withdraw themselves. They may have difficulty concentrating and making decisions, and be prone to worry.

  • Economic evidence supports enhanced services in community pharmacySubscription

    16 JUL 2018

    In March 2018, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published its guideline NG94: ‘Emergency and acute medical care in over 16s: service delivery and organisation’. In this guideline, two chapters focused on pharmacy’s contribution to the delivery of emergency and acute care in the NHS. I ...

  • Learning from Gosport: why prescription checks by pharmacists on the ward are essentialSubscription

    13 JUL 2018

    The Gosport Independent Panel into patient deaths from opiate overdose concluded that: Opiates were used without appropriate indication; Opiates were started at inappropriately high doses; Opiates were combined with other drugs in high doses[1]. ‘Finding ...

  • We need new strategies to tackle poor quality medicinesSubscription

    13 JUL 2018

    The proliferation of poor quality medical products (medicines, vaccines and devices) is an important but neglected public health problem, which threatens millions of people across the world, both in developing and wealthy countries. A recent report from the World ...

  • The Amazon juggernaut finally comes into viewSubscription

    11 JUL 2018

    Community pharmacy may believe there is no competition for monitored dosage systems (MDS) currently supplied at a loss. But a glance in the rear-view mirror reveals a juggernaut coming into view: Amazon has just acquired PillPack, an online pharmacy that operates in 49 US states and focuses on supply to customers on multiple medications.

  • Integrating pharmacy care with a modernised community pharmacy contractSubscription

    10 JUL 2018

    I read with interest ‘What would you like to see in the new community pharmacy contract?’, published by The Salvadore in May 2018. I think it is interesting that everyone has talked about managing some form of long-term condition. These are very much services linked to supply.

  • We are concerned about the shortage of buprenorphine tabletsSubscription

    28 JUN 2018

    Buprenorphine is one of the two medicines licensed for opioid misuse that is recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, and the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) ‘Orange Book’. The cost of generic buprenorphine ...

  • Less is more: shorter trastuzumab treatment for HER2+ breast cancer is effective, cheaper and yields better adherence than standard therapySubscription

    27 JUN 2018By

    Around 15–20% of breast cancers show amplification (increased number of gene copies) or overexpression (increased production of protein) of the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2). These patients have highly proliferative tumours and decreased expression of oestrogen and progesterone receptors, alongside positive axillary lymph nodes (to which cancer has spread). These patients are at high risk of cancer recurrence and death.

  • Square Alumni Foundation to sponsor pharmacy students in developing countriesSubscription

    21 JUN 2018

    There are data from many countries to indicate that the provision of more pharmacists will improve healthcare delivery. The Square Alumni Foundation has been established to provide funding for students in less-developed countries who wish to enrol for an undergraduate degree in pharmacy.

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