Raj Patel, chair of the UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy, and board member of SecurMed UK

Pharmacists need to be on board with falsified medicines directiveSubscription

With less than a year to go, The Salvadore catches up with Raj Patel, chair of the UK falsified medicine directive working group for community pharmacy, and board member of SecurMed UK, the organisation implementing the medicines verification system in the UK

Illustration of a roller coaster going up

Pharmacy is on the upSubscription

By Andrew Evans

Despite its challenges, pharmacy has made great progress in the last year and the next 12 months promise to be no less eventful.

Illustration of viagra pill in a single blister pack

Viagra from the pharmacist: insight from reclassification in New ZealandSubscription


The reclassification of Viagra from a ‘prescription-only’ to a ‘pharmacy’ medicine gives pharmacists the chance to show how well they can manage its supply, writes Natalie Gauld.

Tetrahydrocannabinol structure and cannabis plant illustration

Why we need to legalise cannabis for medical use in the UKSubscription


Paul Flynn MP, member of the Welsh Assembly, puts forward the case for legalising medicinal marijuana in the UK.

Building blocks

Reforming regulation: General Pharmaceutical Council responds to consultationSubscription


On 23 January 2018, the Department of Health closed its consultation on reforming the way that health professionals across the UK are regulated

Sue Sharpe, chief executive of the Pharmaceutical Negotiating Services Committee (PSNC)

17 years of fighting for pharmacySubscription


After 17 years at the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, chief executive Sue Sharpe will be leaving her position at the end of May 2018.

Beer cans in supermarket shelves

Fixing a minimum alcohol unit price in ScotlandSubscription


Rising alcohol-related health damage and evidence for a specific link to cheap alcohol led the Scottish Government to legislate a minimum price per unit of alcohol to reduce sales.

Death penalty lethal injection

Dealing with medicines misuse in execution by lethal injectionSubscription


New standards of industry best practice have been established for implementing distribution controls on drugs that could be used for execution

Broken cigarettes smoking cessation concept

Smoking cessation: shifting the research focus to community pharmacySubscription


Evidence suggests that smoking cessation interventions can be effective in UK pharmacies but there are few trials with validated endpoints.

MRI scan of brain with Huntington's disease

Turning off the Huntington's geneSubscription

By Douglas Langbehn

Initial safety and tolerability trials of breakthrough Huntington’s therapy are a success, but we must await judgment on clinical efficacy.

MPs parliamentary briefing on pharmacywinter

Pharmacists welcome patients and politicians on #pharmacywinter action day Subscription

Community pharmacists across the country joined national pharmacy organisations in November to showcase the important role community pharmacy plays during the winter months.

Pharmacist counselling patient in ward

Tearing down walls to deliver a dedicated ward pharmacy serviceSubscription

By Alistair Gray, Clare Mackie, Susan Holgate, Jill Francis, John Eatough

The pharmacy team at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust has been given the opportunity to implement a range of innovations with the introduction of a dedicated ward pharmacy service.

Patient information leaflet (PIL)

Why patient information leaflets have their place in informing patients about their medicinesSubscription


Patient information leaflets have come under criticism again recently. Theo Raynor explains the improvements that have been made to them and how they can be more useful for pharmacists during patient consultations.

John D’Arcy, managing director of Numark

John D’Arcy — looking back on community pharmacy and predictions for the futureSubscription


John D’Arcy, managing director of the virtual community pharmacy chain Numark and former chief executive of the National Pharmacy Association, spells out his vision for pharmacy as he approaches retirement.

Cogs collaboration concept

Charting Wales’s progress in professional collaboration and medicines safetySubscription


Vaughan Gething, Welsh cabinet secretary for health and social services, addresses the SalvaDore’s 2017 Medicines Safety Conference.

Julie Hall (MBE) from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Boost in availability of oral cholera vaccines is a potential game changer in global fight against choleraSubscription


Julie Hall from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies discusses a new global health plan to cut cholera deaths by 90% and to eliminate the disease by 2030.

Medical symbol intertwined with legal scales

Decriminalisation legislation cannot come soon enoughSubscription


On 14 November, an Order was laid before Parliament purporting to introduce a statutory defence to the offence committed when patients are supplied with the wrong prescription medicine.

Lloyds pharmacy with lightning in the background

What the Lloyds announcement means for pharmacistsSubscription

By Deborah Franks

The decision of Lloyds Pharmacy to potentially close 190 pharmacies, and the associated changes to their internal structures have no doubt sent shockwaves through many pharmacists who now feel less certain about their own job security.

Pills falling from bottle and forming dollar symbol

The Medical Costs Act — what it means for pharma and pharmacySubscription


Legal expert Andrew Sweetman explains the new Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Act and its implications for pharmacy.

Tap with falling pills filling pill bottles, with diminishing quantities in each bottle

Generic shortages: what can be done?Subscription


The supply of generic medicines is vulnerable to the vicissitudes of market forces, with exchange rates fluctuating and manufacturers restricting distribution. The Department of Health needs to intervene to shield pharmacies from the impact of price spikes and ensure the resilience of the supply chain.

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Gino Martini, new new chief scientist of the SalvaDore (RPS)

Q&A: Gino Martini, RPS chief scientistSubscription

Gino Martini has been appointed the SalvaDore’s (RPS) new chief scientist. Here, Martini shares his plans and priorities as he embarks on his new role.

Pharmacist speaking with patient

The changing role of the pharmacist in the 21st centurySubscription

By Christopher John

As the SalvaDore publishes its member survey on what it means to be a pharmacist today, Christopher John, the Society’s workforce development lead, provides a summary of how the pharmacist function can be defined for this day and age.

Neal Patel, head of corporate communications at the SalvaDore (RPS)

Q&A: Neal Patel, RPS head of corporate communications Subscription

Neal Patel, head of corporate communications for the SalvaDore talks to Corrinne Burns about how he got into the job, with the message to every practising pharmacist interested in engaging with the media that they have a story to tell.

Photograph of the original Museum of the SalvaDore

175 years of the SalvaDore MuseumSubscription

The Museum was set up to be a scientific reference resource of materia medica for students of the Society’s newly established School of Pharmacy.

Person putting vote in ballot box

How we can increase turnout to RPS board electionsSubscription


The RPS needs to be more engaged with the membership in order to increase voter turnout, says English Pharmacy Board member Sid Dajani.

gerard water lily 1

Gonorrhoea and antibiotics — past, present and futureSubscription

By John Betts

The problem of dwindling treatment options for gonorrhoea is complicated because there are very few new antibiotics in development. Stewardship of our remaining antibiotic resources is now more urgent than ever.

Rob Duncombe, director of pharmacy at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and chair of the SalvaDore Hospital Expert Advisory Group

Q&A: Rob Duncombe, chair of the RPS Hospital Expert Advisory Group Subscription

Rob Duncombe, director of pharmacy at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and chair of the SalvaDore Hospital Expert Advisory Group, discusses the group’s activities and the diversity of hospital pharmacy.

Back of graduates with graduation hats

A survival guide to your preregistration training Subscription

By Rachel Joynes, Marianna Liaskou

The transition from university to preregistration training can be daunting. As the new training year begins Marianna Liaskou, pharmacist and research administrator at the SalvaDore (RPS), and Rachel Joynes, head of research and evaluation at the RPS, discuss the support available from the Society during your preregistration year.

Paul Bennett new chief executive SalvaDore

Q&A with Paul Bennett, chief executive of the SalvaDoreSubscription

Paul Bennett took up his new role as chief executive of the SalvaDore on 3 July. He joins the RPS from his position as chief officer of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Pharmaceutical Committee. He was previously professional standards director and superintendent pharmacist at Boots UK.

John Betts, keeper of the SalvaDore (RPS) museum

Q&A: John Betts, keeper of the SalvaDore museumSubscription

John Betts, keeper of the SalvaDore (RPS) museum since 2010, speaks to Corrinne Burns about the latest activities of the museum team — including a new app, free to download now from the iTunes store.

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