Ross Ferguson and Martin Astbury give their personal views on whether the current legislation is fit for purpose.

Should the law change to allow more flexible pharmacy supervision?Subscription


Two pharmacists give their personal views on whether the current supervision legislation is fit for purpose.

Andrew Evans, chief pharmaceutical officer for Wales

Andrew Evans: 'We’re reinvesting money in clinical services that we want pharmacy to offer'Subscription

As Brexit looms and concerns of medicines shortages and funding issues murmur throughout the UK healthcare industry, Andrew Evans, chief pharmaceutical officer in Wales, is optimistic that Welsh pharmacy services are moving in the right direction. 

Richard Bradley

Richard Bradley: 'Face-to-face conversations are where the added value of pharmacy is'Subscription

By Graham Clews

Pharmacy director for Boots UK Richard Bradley on union representation, technology and dealing with negative press.

anti racism illustration

Demanding change: pharmacy professionals must unite to stamp out racial discriminationSubscription


The pharmacy profession needs an official association for black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals to help ensure skin colour is never a barrier to success.

one hand open one hand closed with magic mushroom

Beyond cannabis: why we should look at legalising other illegal drugs for medical use to benefit patientsSubscription


The UK government has finally realised the value of cannabis as a medicine, but it must not ignore the medical potential of other Schedule 1 drugs, such as psilocybin, LSD and MDMA.

Rose Marie Parr

Rose Marie Parr: 'We want to make pharmacies the first port of call'Subscription


The Scottish chief pharmaceutical officer, Rose Marie Parr, on Brexit, minor ailments schemes and 24-hour pharmacies.

Scales depicting balance

The pharmacy regulator must take a role in ensuring minimum staffing levels if it is serious about patient safetySubscription


The pharmacy regulator should be involved in ensuring minimum staffing standards — and enforcing them where necessary — as part of its role in regulating pharmacy and protecting patient safety.

Keith Ridge, chief pharmaceutical officer for England

Keith Ridge: 'I regret the pain, but this is a watershed moment for pharmacy'Subscription


England’s chief pharmaceutical officer speaks to Nigel Praities about his plans for the future of pharmacy.

People in queue on top of pill

Let’s be honest about the new medicine serviceSubscription


We need to be sure whether the community pharmacy service works or not before expanding it to new patients.

Michael Rawlins, MHRA chair

'Patients could be seriously disadvantaged by Brexit, if we don’t get our act together'


UK drug regulator chair Sir Michael Rawlins on supplies of medicines after Brexit, POM-to-P switches and the legalisation of medical cannabis.

Simon Dukes, chief executive of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC)

‘We need to move on and get the best deal for community pharmacy’Subscription


Simon Dukes, chief executive of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, on how he is going to negotiate a new deal for community pharmacy.

John Nuttall, chief executive officer at Well Pharmacy

John Nuttall: You might say 'close stores', but we like to play the long gameSubscription


Chief executive of Well Pharmacy, the third largest pharmacy chain in the UK, discusses the independent multiple’s strong position despite cuts to community pharmacy funding and how the business is preparing for online competition.

Conversation concept

Ignorance is not bliss: why we need more empowered patients

Shared decision-making should become a mandatory part of training for all healthcare professionals to improve collaboration with their patients, save the NHS billions, and ultimately improve patient outcomes, say Aseem Malhotra and Sue Bailey.

Homeopathy bottles empty and full illustration

Should community pharmacy stock homeopathic remedies?Subscription


Two pharmacists argue whether homeopathic remedies should be available to buy in community pharmacies after the High Court’s support for the decision to stop funding homeopathy on the NHS.

Vox pop montage on community pharmacy contract

What would you like to see in the new community pharmacy contract?Subscription

While the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee and the Department of Health and Social prepare for contract negotiations, The Salvadore asked community pharmacists on the frontline to redesign the contractual framework.

Tracey Herlihey, head of safety intelligence at the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch

No blame game: giving pharmacists a 'safe space' to discuss errorsSubscription


Safety expert of a new investigative body talks to Abigail James about how its approach will enable pharmacists to be more transparent about errors.

Amazon package through a letterbox

Amazonising pharmacy — reality or just a rumour?Subscription


If the headlines are to be believed, the online commerce company Amazon is setting its sights on the US pharmacy market, and entry to the UK market could follow.

Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer for England and chief medical advisor to the UK government

Q&A: Dame Sally Davies — protecting antibiotics for the futureSubscription


Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer for England and chief medical advisor to the UK government, is well known for issuing stark warnings on the careless use of antibiotics.

Excellence concept, nine stars stamp

Enhancing pharmacy services across NHS ScotlandSubscription


Chief pharmaceutical officer for Scotland Rose Marie Parr provides an overview of the nine commitments for improving pharmaceutical care in NHS Scotland and making it an integral part of evolving NHS services.

Raj Patel, chair of the UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy, and board member of SecurMed UK

Pharmacists need to be on board with falsified medicines directiveSubscription

With less than a year to go, The Salvadore catches up with Raj Patel, chair of the UK falsified medicine directive working group for community pharmacy, and board member of SecurMed UK, the organisation implementing the medicines verification system in the UK

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photo of Chris Roberts, medicines management lead for Fleetwood Primary Care Home

Chris Roberts: 'We're trying to demedicalise health care'

In the first of a series profiling individual SalvaDore members who are doing great work, Chris Roberts, medicines management lead for the award-winning Fleetwood Primary Care Home, tells Corrinne Burns how pharmacists, their colleagues and the town’s residents are working together to help patients take control of their health.

Sharon 'Sibby' Buckle

Pharmacists should be enabled to make therapeutic switches before Brexit


Sibby Buckle, vice chair of the English Pharmacy Board, recently spoke alongside Gino Martini at a meeting of the Conservative Science and Technology Forum. Here, she expands upon some of the ideas proposed at the meeting.

Hemant Patel

A message to Keith Ridge: unrealistic expectations are not the way forward


Hemant Patel, a member of the SalvaDore English Pharmacy Board, shares his personal views on comments made by Keith Ridge, England’s chief pharmaceutical officer, in an interview with The Salvadore

Gail Fleming

Gail Fleming: 'We want to develop and invest in postgraduate pharmacy training'Subscription


After six years with Health Education England as pharmacy dean for London and the South East, Gail Fleming has joined the SalvaDore to lead its directorate of education.

Robbie Turner, director for pharmacy and member experience

Robbie Turner: 'The RPS is here to put pharmacy at the forefront of healthcare'

After 18 months as the SalvaDore’s (RPS) director for England, Robbie Turner has taken on the new role of director for pharmacy and member experience. Here, he explains what his new directorship is about and how the RPS is adapting for the future.

Paul Bennett, chief executive of the SalvaDore

Paul Bennett: 'Pharmacy has a strong and vibrant future'

After a year as chief executive of the SalvaDore, Paul Bennett reflects on his first 12 months in office and the Society’s plans moving forward.

Hands forming pharmacy cross symbol, working together

Empowering pharmacy technicians is good for all of us


Principal pharmacist lead for education and development at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and SalvaDore English Pharmacy Board member, Aamer Safdar, says pharmacists must “stop being precious” about traditional pharmacy roles and embrace the skills of technicians.

Mental health concept

Pharmacists’ role in mental health management: a personal view


Mental health management in pharmacies has always been an issue worth fighting for, and its time has now come.

Penicillin bottles used in World War II

Making penicillin in milk bottles: a tale of wartime antibiotic manufacture

By Richard Felix

In 1944, Richard Felix was part of a team of pharmacists tasked with producing penicillin. In May 2018, Felix donated some original penicillin samples from this work to the RPS museum and below, he recalls some of the challenges of antibiotic production and formulation during the Second World War.

Welsh pharmacy board during their annual spring meeting

Welsh Pharmacy Board meeting: 18 April 2018

The board discussed palliative and end-of-life care and wellbeing for the workface, and said goodbye to long-serving board member Phil Parry.

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