Yikes! Overwhelm!

1.      Yikes!Overwhelm

I’m smiling to myself and setting up my desk this morning. I’ve got somany things not that I must do, or I have to do, but what I get to do.  I have visions on this, I’ve got projects forthat, I can create this. Where do I begin?

My first hour and a half of the day is working on the business ratherthan in it so what shall I work on?

Before I know it I’ve thought of so many different projects and thingsthat I could create that now I’m in overwhelm and I notice that I feel a littlebit frustrated inside. I’m not feeling as good or enthusiastic as I was satdown at my desk.  I don’t like thatfeeling, that feeling of being stuck, not knowing where to begin. As I catchmyself in that moment I think oh my gosh, another 10-15 minutes have gone byand all I could think about is what am I going to do, rather than actuallygetting started on something and actually doing something. 

 I started to play pin the tail onthe donkey! You know pick a point, any point, start somewhere.  I picked my get to do list up and I put itdown, closed my eyes and picked at random and there I’ll start there. Evensomething this small a catch up, a quick email, something that gets me movingagain, that gets me over that gosh, stuck, overwhelm place.

Once I got going with something I realise that I started to feel muchbetter, because now I’m feeling like I’m moving forward, and things start tobecome clearer again.  I’m smilingbecause I’m moving and I’m moving positively forward, progressing once morejust because I decided to pick a place, any place and do something rather thansit there doing nothing. 

So when you find yourself in that stuckness, procrastinating or just inoverwhelm not knowing where to begin. It doesn’t matter where you begin just dosomething get one small thing, small steps, one small thing, just get startedand it will be amazing to see how different you feel about it. 

Share with me what did you pick? How did you get yourself unstuck?

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