Should we worry?

It's an interesting time; an age of watchful waiting.

 There's been plenty to worry about.  Whether our hospital gets foundation status, whether we're over-budget, whether the new private diagnostic centre 10 miles away is going to sell itself better to the local PCT than we can.

 And it's a busy time.  I've a couple of antibiotic policies to be submitted to a committee tomorrow; I've got a half dozen patients on complicated antibiotic regimens that need input and I've got to work out why one wards suddenly using loads more Tazocin than they should.

And that was before Mexican swine flu arrived.

Professionally I don't think there's much to worry about.  Things are unfolding behind the scenes pretty much as planned.  That's not to say it's perfectly seamless (we're working on it) or that it's not going to make things incredibly busy for healthcare professionals over the next few months.

Hopefully, the lack of severe illness (in this country at least) will make this a useful exercise in preparedness for when Bird flu hits.  Yes, that hasn't gone away and there's no reason avian influenza won't arise next year in SE Asia.

NHS direct is busy, and we're aware of GPs getting anxious phone calls from concerned patients.

 But for us, in our district general hospital, we're waiting watchfully for what tomorrow may bring.

 (and reminding ourselves on how to counsel diskhaler technique in case the Relenza stockpile is released)


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