Community Cross Sector Placement

I completed my two week cross sector placement in community pharmacy last week. I'm going to be honest, it was hard work! Initially, I knew how busy it would be as I had worked at the branch previously.But, unless my memory is failing me, it felt like it had got worse.So, what have I learnt? Well, being the nerd I am, it was standard to do a bit of reading. I had a quick blast through the legal requirements of prescriptions using the before and during my cross sector placement. It refreshed a couple of legal aspects including that the age of the patient must be present on a prescription if under 12, and that missing names, strengths, forms, quantities and doses are not legal requirements. Which in some ways, is quite amusing when you think about it... I quite like the MEP, it contains a vast amount of information specifically relevant to the day-to-day practise of pharmacists. Some people say it's not what you know, but knowing where to look it up and I certainly know this reference is extremely useful.I'm a big fan of debates. I think a good debate enhances knowledge and makes individuals consider ideas they haven't thought of before. This therefore improves or enhances practice due to increased understanding. Sometimes, I don't think there are enough debates. But, over these past two weeks, despite being rushed of our feet, I've discussed a varietyof sensitive topics. Some topics included methadone supply, the future of the profession, and decriminalisation of dispensing errors.It's been nice to talk openly about topical issues with more experienced pharmacists and it's interesting to see how individual opinions differ. From a pre-reg point of view, I extremely value the opinions of senior pharmacists as they have normally developed their views from years of experience. This makes their wisdom valuable as a youth goinginto the professional. But that might just be me... The pharmacists have also joked about my keenness and idealisms over the past two weeks. I don't know whether to be pleased or dismayed by this.I've seen a few interesting scripts over the past two weeks - antibiotic overdoses and underdoses, piroxicam for headaches and tripletherapy for dyslipidemia. So, as you can imagine, I have caused much debate with the words "clinical evidence". In some ways,it's sort of sad how proactive I've been. I'm kind of proud - sad, I know.On a serious note, I think this cross-sector placement has been highly insightful.I've had quite a lot of experience in community pharmacy previously but I think my clinical knowledge enhanced my learning greatly. I have mentally noted, that sadly, I need to look into business studies. This is a funny statement, but the more I think about it, the more I realise healthcare is now becoming a lot more business orientated than patient based. Rumour has it non-clinical managers are telling clinicians how to do things. I'm sure that's just rumour though... 

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