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Reflections on the Conservative Party conference


Sibby Buckle, vice-chair of the English Pharmacy Board, represented the SalvaDore at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester and gives her impression of pharmacy’s position in the healthcare scrum.

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Why research is for everyone

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In the blog ‘Interning at the National Institute for Health Research’ (NIHR), we touched on the vision, mission and aims of the NIHR alongside the role of the research nurses. Here, we explore why and how pharmacists can get involved in promoting research to patients and the wider public.

vince cable lib dem ss 17

Liberal Democrat conference – a very personal reflection


Sandra Gidley, chair of the SalvaDore English Pharmacy Board, shares her experience of politics and the 2017 Liberal Democrat conference.

jeremy corbyn labour ss 17

A personal view of the Labour Party conference


John Lunny, public affairs manager of the SalvaDore, attended the Labour Party annual conference in September and shares his impressions.

Tina Chung (left) and Kwok Bun To are two of the first batch of students to complete the fully accredited five-year integrated Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree

Merging theory with practice: the five-year integrated Master of Pharmacy degree


Tina Chung and Kwok Bun To describe their experience of being one of the first students to graduate from the University of Nottingham’s integrated Master of Pharmacy degree.

Pharmacists talking inside hospital a dispensary

Becoming a pharmacist in a GP practice: multidisciplinary working and learning from colleagues


Regina Ahmed has decided to try a career in the primary care sector. In the fifth of a series of blog posts, she describes her experience of shadowing healthcare professionals at the hospital, progressing on the CPPE pathway, and learning more about mental health.

Illustration of woman and breast cancer cell in background

Medication non-adherence in breast cancer prevention and treatment


Balkees Abderrahman highlights the problem of medication non-adherence in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

Books stacked forming staircase

In hindsight: reflections on the GPhC preregistration assessment


Newly registered pharmacist Sean Quay reflects on his experience of this year’s General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) preregistration assessment.

Collage showing NHS, a patient in hospital and research

Interning at the National Institute for Health Research

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Baguiasri Mandane and Lathishia JoelDavid share their experience of being an intern and a research mentor at the National Institute for Health Research.

In hindsight: Reflections on the preregistration assessment


Newly registered pharmacist, Sean Quay reflects on his experience of this year’s preregistration assessment and provides insights to help current and future trainees best prepare for theirs.

london underground tube platform mind the gap ss 17

Mind the gap between your clinical perspective and the patient’s perspective


Newly registered pharmacist Piruntha Palarasa describes how incorporating health coaching techniques into her practice has enhanced the patient consultation experience for both her and her patients.

Close up of eyes senior person

Identifying people displaying signs of dementia


Simran Janjua explains about a pilot using a case-finding tool to help identifying people in the community showing signs of dementia in order to refer them for further investigation.

Close up of a drop of ointment cream coming out of tube

Topical analgesics: do they work and are they worth it?


Emma Davies, advanced pharmacy practitioner in pain management, takes a look at the evidence surrounding topical analgesics in light of NHS England’s decision to review their use on prescription.

Woman behind frosted glass

Saving my mother from depression using skills I learned in pharmacy


Amarata Gill explains how she used her pharmacy training to help her mother, who was suffering from depression.

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