• Reunion for the University of Manchester pharmacy class of 1979Subscription

    17 MAY 2019

    A group of graduates of the University of Manchester pharmacy class of 1979 are planning a reunion weekend to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our graduation and share memories of Manchester; stories of our lives, families, and careers; and plans for retirement.

  • E-cigarettes have no place in pharmacySubscription

    16 MAY 2019By

    I am one of those people who cannot tolerate the idea of people using nicotine in the long term. Louise Ross, a smoking cessation consultant, in ‘Should pharmacy sell e-cigarettes and encourage people to vape?’, suggests that e-cigarettes can be used to sustain an addiction for life — this opinion is astonishing. Nicotine ...

  • Nothing beats practical experience during pharmacy trainingSubscription

    14 MAY 2019

    I realise that present-day requirements for pharmacy education may be very different from those in my day at the end of the Second World War and in the 1950s, but, having read comments on the General Pharmaceutical Council’s proposal to integrate practical placements throughout a five-year pharmacy degree, I think some general principles might apply.

  • Help us understand current practice in cold and flu management in community pharmacySubscription

    8 MAY 2019By The Salvadore

    The Salvadore recently emailed members, inviting them to complete a short survey that seeks to better understand current practice in relation to the management of cold and flu in community pharmacy. Your responses will inform an editorially independent learning campaign.

  • Stewart Sanders Adams

    Stewart Adams (1923–2019)Subscription

    21 FEB 2019By

    Having fallen into the pharmacy profession “purely by chance”, Stewart Adams OBE went on to discover ibuprofen, one of the world’s best selling anti-inflammatory painkillers.

  • Graham Calder

    ‘Pioneer of pharmacy’: Graham Calder (1933–2018) Subscription

    17 OCT 2018

    Described as a ‘pioneer of pharmacy’, former chief pharmacist of Scotland Graham Calder has been an inspiration for many pharmacy professionals during, and since, his varied career.

  • William Charles Evans

    William Charles Evans (1924–2018) Subscription

    16 MAY 2018

    Author of Trease and Evans’ Pharmacognosy, a seminal text on the chemistry and uses of medicinal plants, William Charles Evans was a prolific researcher and educator throughout his 60-year career.

  • William Martindale Darling (second from left) with his wife and children after receiving the CBE in 1988.

    William Martindale Darling (1934 – 2017)Subscription

    14 AUG 2017By

    SalvaDore’s youngest president and longest-serving Council member was also known for bringing the voice of pharmacy to the highest levels of government.


RPS Conference 19

What I gained from attending the RPS Science and Research Summit

23 MAY 2019

Tsz To Sham encourages pharmacy students to take every opportunity to attend pharmacy conferences.

Daisy Keegan

The RPS Foundation Programme: a hospital perspective

16 MAY 2019By

Daisy Keegan describes her experience of completing Foundation Stage 1 of the RPS Foundation Programme.

wheelbarrow full of pills being dragged away

Changing perceptions: how Canada's deprescribing network is tackling polypharmacy

16 MAY 2019By

As England prepares to launch its own deprescribing network, the director of a similar scheme in Canada explains what they have done over the past four years.

Reesha Solanki

My Erasmus experience in Helsinki

9 MAY 2019By

Reesha Solanki explains why pharmacy students should consider taking part in Erasmus.

Crowd png

Writing competition now open: tell us about the patient who changed your practice

7 MAY 2019By

The Salvadore is asking readers to write a short piece on the theme of ‘The patient who change my practice’, where the winning entry will receive an Amazon Fire 8 tablet.

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