• Lessons for better use of community pharmacy in primary careSubscription

    18 MAR 2019

    Policymakers have, for some time, recognised the importance of community pharmacy in optimising patient-centred care and reducing GPs’ workload through extended service delivery. However, awareness and use of such services among patients and members of the public remain low

  • Switching between monitored dosage systems and patient pack dispensingSubscription

    13 MAR 2019

    Many will be supportive of Boots’s decision to change its method of dispensing for care home residents from monitored dosage system (MDS) to patient pack dispensing (PPD). However, this U-turn prompted me to reflect ...

  • Impact of opioid prescribing following arthroplasty on long-term opioid prescribing in the communitySubscription

    8 MAR 2019

    Adequate relief of acute postsurgical pain is a metric of patient satisfaction[1]. Patients undergoing hip and knee arthroplasty — in which joints are altered or replaced — ...

  • 'Patient-centred pharmacy' is unsustainable without investmentSubscription

    28 FEB 2019

    For many years the majority of pharmacy school teaching consisted of the chemistry and pharmaceutical aspects of a patient’s medication. This resulted in pharmacists who were more likely to spend their time preparing extemporaneous products than talking with patients. In recent years, however, the profession has come leaps and bounds in creating healthcare professionals with advanced clinical knowledge and exceptional patient care. This reform was imperative with the current strain ...

  • Stewart Sanders Adams

    Stewart Adams (1923–2019)Subscription

    21 FEB 2019By

    Having fallen into the pharmacy profession “purely by chance”, Stewart Adams OBE went on to discover ibuprofen, one of the world’s best selling anti-inflammatory painkillers.

  • Graham Calder

    ‘Pioneer of pharmacy’: Graham Calder (1933–2018) Subscription

    17 OCT 2018

    Described as a ‘pioneer of pharmacy’, former chief pharmacist of Scotland Graham Calder has been an inspiration for many pharmacy professionals during, and since, his varied career.

  • William Charles Evans

    William Charles Evans (1924–2018) Subscription

    16 MAY 2018

    Author of Trease and Evans’ Pharmacognosy, a seminal text on the chemistry and uses of medicinal plants, William Charles Evans was a prolific researcher and educator throughout his 60-year career.

  • William Martindale Darling (second from left) with his wife and children after receiving the CBE in 1988.

    William Martindale Darling (1934 – 2017)Subscription

    14 AUG 2017By

    SalvaDore’s youngest president and longest-serving Council member was also known for bringing the voice of pharmacy to the highest levels of government.


image of Somto Madueke

How pharmacy schools can better represent minority ethnic students

18 MAR 2019By

Pharmacy student Somto Madueke highlights how pharmacy schools can tackle ethnic disparities and support minority ethnic students to succeed.

group shot of Croydon ICN MO Team

Ensuring value-based outcomes through medicines optimisation

14 MAR 2019By

Shazia Karsan describes the value pharmacists bring to integrated community networks in Croydon.

chalk drawing stomach ss 19

Back to the drawing board: why pharmacists should embrace creativity in patient interactions

13 MAR 2019By

When almost half of patients are unable to understand health information, pharmacists should employ a creative and humanistic approach to discussing medicines with patients, says mental health pharmacist Nana Tomova.

CPhO clinical fellows

What we do as CPhO clinical fellows

28 FEB 2019By

Katherine Le Bosquet, Louisa Conlon and Adele Mott give an insight into their work as chief pharmaceutical officer fellows.

Patient care at home

Treating complex patients in their own homes is possible — we already do it

27 FEB 2019By

Improving patient care and making cost savings, the pharmacy homecare team provides much more than just a medicines delivery service, says advanced specialist pharmacist Rabiya Mansoor.

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