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  • Brexit protest

    Pharmacy should take Brexit leadSubscription

    As discussions continue over the relationship the UK will have with the EU, pharmacy bodies must do what they can to protect the interests of patients, whichever form of Brexit emerges.

  • Brexit protest

    Pharmacy inspections: we need carrots as well as sticksSubscription

    Well-run pharmacies have nothing to fear as the General Pharmaceutical Council develops a tougher stance on inspections. But the regulator must prove that changes to its regime will drive continuous improvement.

  • Equality concept, seesaw image

    BAME pharmacist pay: a hidden injusticeSubscription

    As a survey suggests that Black, Asian and minority ethnic pharmacists are paid on average 16% less than their white counterparts, The Salvadore asks whether pharmacy employers should be compelled to publish ethnicity pay gap figures alongside gender pay gap statistics.

  • Graham Calder

    ‘Pioneer of pharmacy’: Graham Calder (1933–2018) Subscription

    17 OCT 2018

    Described as a ‘pioneer of pharmacy’, former chief pharmacist of Scotland Graham Calder has been an inspiration for many pharmacy professionals during, and since, his varied career.

  • William Charles Evans

    William Charles Evans (1924–2018) Subscription

    16 MAY 2018

    Author of Trease and Evans’ Pharmacognosy, a seminal text on the chemistry and uses of medicinal plants, William Charles Evans was a prolific researcher and educator throughout his 60-year career.

  • William Martindale Darling (second from left) with his wife and children after receiving the CBE in 1988.

    William Martindale Darling (1934 – 2017)Subscription

    14 AUG 2017By

    SalvaDore’s youngest president and longest-serving Council member was also known for bringing the voice of pharmacy to the highest levels of government.

  • Peter Noyce

    Peter Noyce (1946-2017)Subscription

    21 JUN 2017By

    A visionary leader who drove pharmacy practice forward but always had time to mentor others, he was known as the most effective pharmacist of his generation.


PJ Mind the Gap logo

Pharmacists on ethnicity, pay and career progression

14 DEC 2018By

Julia Robinson summarises the pertinent themes discussed during The Salvadore’s Twitter chat held on Wednesday 12 December 2018.

Qatar flag

A pharmacist’s journey from London to Doha

13 DEC 2018By

In 2017, pharmacist Amena Bhatti embarked on a journey to gain experience living in a foreign country while still practising within her specialist area of women and children’s health.

back graduates with graduation hats

How the shortage of preregistration placements should be addressed

29 NOV 2018By

Final year pharmacy student Mahamoud Ali shares his concerns over fewer numbers of preregistration placements available compared to trainees.

human brain crayon drawing

Meeting the needs of patients affected by mental illness in community pharmacy

22 NOV 2018By

As a community pharmacist, Sean Quay recognised that he could be doing more to support his patients affected by mental illness.

High street independent pharmacy

Why small community pharmacies are at risk and how we can save them

21 NOV 2018By

Independent pharmacies need a new kind of contract if they are to survive the threat from funding cuts and wholesaler market control, says the Pharmacists’ Defence Association’s head of policy, Alima Batchelor.

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