World Health Day: depression


Action of serotonin reuptake inhibitors

Depression in adults: recognition and managementSubscription

5 APR 2017By ,

Pharmacists and healthcare professionals should be able to recognise the symptoms of depression in people who use their services and direct them towards accessing treatment. This article examines how a diagnosis of depression is made, the pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments available, specific considerations for different patient groups, self-management approaches, and the role of the pharmacy team in managing and supporting patients who have symptoms of depression.


Picture from the PReDicT (Predicting Response to Depression Treatment) emotion recognition

Personalised treatment for depression on the horizon: predicting response to antidepressantsSubscription

6 OCT 2016By

Only one-third of patients with depression benefit from the first antidepressant they try, but researchers are striving to find biological features that predict how a person will respond to particular drugs so they can tailor treatment from the beginning.


Ultrasound image of a fetus in the womb

Propensity for depression programmed during fetal developmentSubscription

23 DEC 2016

Patients with no CYP2C19 enzyme expression in the womb had a lower prevalence of depressive disorder compared with those who expressed the enzyme, researchers found. 

Young woman talks to pharmacist while holding emergency hormonal contraception blisters

Emergency hormonal contraception should be on general sale in the UK, charity urges

30 NOV 2016By

Emergency hormonal contraception should be available to buy from non-pharmacy retail outlets in the UK, urges the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, a reproductive health services charity.

Hands showing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

Anti-inflammatory drugs could treat symptoms of depression

20 OCT 2016By

Anti-cytokine drugs typically prescribed to treat inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, can also improve symptoms of depression, according to new research.


John Mowat, multi-site pharmacy manager for LloydsPharmacy and lead pharmacist based in the Carleton Clinic, a mental health hospital in Carlisle

My life as a mental health pharmacist in a specialist hospital

13 MAR 2017By

As a multi-site pharmacy manager for LloydsPharmacy and lead pharmacist based in the Carleton Clinic, a mental health hospital in Carlisle, John Mowat talks about his career and role in providing the medication supply service for Cumbria Partnership Foundation Trust.


How to spot signs of postnatal depression in the pharmacySubscription

10 NOV 2016By

In light of singer Adele’s recent admission in an interview that she has suffered from postnatal depression (PND), I would like to alert readers to how they can spot the signs and help those who might be affected in their day-to-day work in the pharmacy.

We need to increase mental health research in young peopleSubscription

13 OCT 2016By

Around one in four people in the UK experience a mental health condition each year. Currently, up to two-thirds of those affected are going without treatment. We lack the tools to diagnose many mental illnesses quickly or effectively enough, and treatments do not work well enough for too many people.

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