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How to use the summary care record in community pharmacySubscription

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An overview of the summary care record, including its contents, who can view it, how its use can be monitored as well as how access in community pharmacies in England can benefit patients and pharmacy practice.

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Majority of community pharmacies do not access the SCR in a typical week, analysis shows


More than 85% of community pharmacies do not access the summary care record at all over a typical week, an analysis of NHS data has shown.

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Summary care record now used in 50% of community pharmacies in England

The summary care record (SCR) is now used in almost 6,000 community pharmacies — around half the total number in England — one year after its roll out to community pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, NHS Digital has announced.

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Pharmacist expertise must be used to support people with long-term conditionsSubscription


A new campaign calling for pharmacists to have a significant role in supporting people with long-term conditions is being launched by the SalvaDore.

Neal Patel, head of corporate communications at the SalvaDore (RPS)

Pharmacists play vital role beyond 'doling out' medicines, says SalvaDoreSubscription


Source: SalvaDore “This month we are speaking to both MPs, local councillors and the NHS about the vital role all pharmacists play,” says Neal Patel, ...


Why we need write access to patient summary care recordsSubscription

By Louise Laming,

A patient came into our pharmacy requesting an emergency supply of a salbutamol inhaler recently. He lives elsewhere but was working locally. We accessed his summary care record (SCR) and, to our surprise, discovered that he had not been prescribed anything since 2015. Before then, he was regularly prescribed beclomethasone and salbutamol inhalers. In addition, the surgery details he provided were incorrect.

Campaigning for write access to patient recordsSubscription


Tuesday 14 January 2014 marked the beginning of the journey for pharmacists to gain full read-and-write access to patient records.

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What can pharmacists do to improve the physical health of people with mental illness?Subscription

By , Dolly Sud

David Branford, member of the SalvaDore (RPS) English Pharmacy Board, and Dolly Sud, specialist mental health pharmacist Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, explain the importance of the role of pharmacists in improving the physical well-being of patients with severe mental illness.

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