Driver driving a car, concept is a close-up of a woman driving acar

Many drivers unaware of prescription drugs risk, US study findsSubscription

Researchers found that 19.7% of drivers reported taking a potentially driver-impairing medication within the previous two days.

Molecular structure of lamotrigine

Lamotrigine taken during pregnancy not linked to malformations in infantsSubscription

Researchers found that children exposed in utero to lamotrigine did not have an increased likelihood of birth defects or postnatal complications

Ketamine crystals

Ketamine provides short term relief from chronic migraineSubscription

A retrospective study showed that ketamine infusions improved short-term analgesia for refractory headaches

Cannabinoid oil extract

Lack of evidence into paediatric cannabinoid useSubscription

The researchers found the strongest evidence of cannabinoid benefit in chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, and in epilepsy

Psilocybin, magic mushroom

Magic mushrooms as a treatment for depression Subscription

Study sheds light on magic mushrooms’ mechanism in the brain in depression

Close up of a senior woman's mouth

Older adults at risk of medication-related dry mouthSubscription

In a meta-analysis of 26 studies, researchers found that medication use was significantly associated with dry mouth

Diabetes test close up

Statin therapy in obese patients and the risk of diabetesSubscription

Study highlights importance of people at high risk of diabetes being monitored during statin therapy

Insulin pump on young girl

Insulin pumps lead to better clinical outcomes compared with injection Subscription

Observational study compared rates of severe hypoglycaemia in diabetes patients using insulin pump and injection therapy.

Ultrasound of baby

Multivitamins during pregnancy could lower risk of some types of autismSubscription

Maternal multivitamin use with or without additional iron or folic acid was associated with lower odds of autism spectrum disorder with intellectual disability in the child.

Hepatitis C virions micrograph

Reducing hepatitis C virus transmissionSubscription

Combined needle provision and opioid substitution therapy could cut hepatitis C virus transmission risk.

Cancer drugs in preparation for chemotherapy

Lack of evidence that cancer drugs approved by the EMA improve survivalSubscription

BMJ published a study investigating the effectiveness of 48 drugs approved by the European Medicines Agency.

Endoscopic view showing Barrett's oesophagus

PPI use not linked to osteoporotic fractures in Barrett’s oesophagusSubscription

Fractures are not uncommon in patients with the condition, but the rate is not higher than in the general population and is not associated with use of PPIs, researchers concluded.

Close up of man holding lit cigarette

Smoking cessation after myocardial infarctionSubscription

Low adherence to early-use smoking cessation medications after myocardial infarction.

Senior woman looking at laptop

Telemedicine as effective for Parkinson’s disease patients as face-to-face consultationSubscription

Providing specialist care through video conferencing was no less effective than in-person visits and was more convenient, study finds.

Urine test dipstick

Antithrombotic agents associated with haematuriaSubscription

Antithrombotic medications increase risk of complications linked to blood in the urine

MRI scan of brain with multiple sclerosis

Antihistamine shows potential to repair neuron damage in multiple sclerosisSubscription

Research shows an over-the-counter antihistamine could act as a remyelinating agent in multiple sclerosis

Close up of woman receiving botox injection

Botox more effective than topiramate for chronic migraine preventionSubscription

New research suggested botox had greater tolerability compared with topiramate against chronic migraine

Micrograph of H1N1 virus

H1N1 infection may increase risk of type 1 diabetesSubscription

Researchers from Norway used national registry data to explore if the H1N1 virus could be linked to the development of type 1 diabetes

Close up of man's hands holding a vape

Replacing cigarettes with vaping could cut early deathsSubscription

Researchers modelled a hypothetical scenario where 95% of smokers in the United States switched to e-cigarettes over a 10 year period

Child playing on floor with building blocks

Delayed-release ADHD medication provides all-day symptom controlSubscription

Researchers tested a delayed-release formulation of extended-release methylphenidate that can be taken in the evening but does not begin releasing drug until 8–10 hours after administration.

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