Chest X-ray

Pharmacists to refer patients for chest X-rays in research pilot

Community pharmacists in Wales will be able to directly refer patients for a chest X-ray as part of a study to help increase the number of people identified with early lung cancer.

Caregiver care home older person

At least one resident per care home on antibiotics, finds Boots UK study

A month-long survey looking at the antibiotic use of nearly 18,000 patients has revealed that at least one resident in each of 644 long-term care facilities in the UK was taking an antibiotic.

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busy hospital waiting room

Depression under-recognised in older adults during acute hospital staysSubscription

Diagnosis of depression is infrequently recorded on older adults’ patient notes, a survey of 27 acute hospitals across England has shown.

Older person's bedside with medicines

Sleeping tablets linked to increased antihypertensive useSubscription

Older adults with hypertension who take sleeping tablets are more likely to receive an increased number of antihypertensive medicines over time, study results have shown.

Pregnant woman taking a tablet

Painkiller link to childhood asthma unlikely to be causal, researchers saySubscription

A previously reported association between analgesic use in pregnancy and childhood asthma is likely to result from confounding factors, researchers have concluded.

3D render of neurons in the brain

Beta interferons improve survival in people with MSSubscription

Beta interferons improve survival in patients with relapsing-onset multiple sclerosis when used for at least three years, research has shown.

Prescription bag

Study finds gender differences in reporting adverse drug reactionsSubscription

Women are more likely to report adverse drug reactions to certain drugs than men, research published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology has shown.

Statin pills

Statins linked with diabetes risk in prospective studySubscription

Statin use is associated with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a prospective study has found.

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whooping cough illustration

Stopping whooping cough in its tracksSubscription

Whooping cough incidence is increasing in the UK, possibly owing to a change in vaccine type in 2004. Epidemiologists are working to develop solutions that could eventually eradicate the disease.

General Pharmaceutical Council logo

Everything you need to know about unannounced GPhC inspectionsSubscription

The General Pharmaceutical Council has introduced a new regime for the inspection of pharmacies, including three different types of inspections and inspections generally being unannounced.

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Measuring the market infographic

Measuring the marketSubscription

There has been a slight contraction in the community pharmacy market in Great Britain since 2016, with small multiples winning out over large multiples and independent pharmacies

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Closed pharmacy store

Latest update: Follow news and reaction to pharmacy cuts as they unfold

Follow the latest updates on the proposed 12% funding cuts to community pharmacy, which could result in the closure of a quarter of pharmacies in England.

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