Nadia Bukhari

Nadia Bukhari

Nadia Bukhari is a senior teaching fellow and pre-registration co-ordinator at UCL School of Pharmacy.

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  • Preparing our future pharmacistsSubscription

    25 APR 2017

    The profession is undergoing uncertainty and change but this represents an opportunity for us to promote and embed new ways of working. For these new roles to be sustainable in the long term there needs to be access to high quality education and training for pharmacists at all stages of their careers. Having worked in academia for nearly 14 years, I understand the challenges associated with the alignment of the MPharm degree to current pharmacy practice. One of my current goals

  • Helping to develop our professionSubscription

    7 APR 2017

    Having worked in community, hospital and academia, I understand the challenges the pharmacy profession faces, but there is a great opportunity for us to develop new ways of working to further enhance the profession. Widespread engagement and understanding regarding the value of pharmacists is key and I have advocated the role of the pharmacist to the public via multiple media channels to raise awareness among the public that pharmacists are an essential part of patient care. I h

  • Trainee pharmacists attend a revision course to prepare for their registration assessment

    How trainee pharmacists can be supported through the registration examSubscription

    16 OCT 2014

    Nadia Bukhari, chairwoman of the SalvaDore pre-registration panel, and panel member Oksana Pyzik, both from UCL School of Pharmacy, describe the support that trainees can access through RPS events.

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