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School of Medicine and Biomedical Science, University of Queensland, and Department of Neurology, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

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  • The safety of antiepileptic drug use in pregnancy involves: the pregnant woman in her own right; the foetus while in her womb; and during its subsequent extra-uterine existence as a neonate and infant. Pregnant woman during an ultrasound scan pictured

    Antiepileptic drug safety in pregnancy: possible dangers for the pregnant woman and her foetusSubscription

    15 JAN 2016

    In addition to the safety issues that apply whenever antiepileptic drugs are taken by patients, additional safety-related matters arise in pregnant women. These may involve the women themselves or their foetuses, and apply both during, and for a time after, pregnancy. During pregnancy, the safety of women with epilepsy may be endangered by loss of seizure control caused by increased antiepileptic drug clearances not being compensated for by appropriate adjustments of drug dosages. Intrauteri

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