Maureen O'Sullivan

Maureen O'Sullivan

Maureen is a pharmacist with a background in hospital pharmacy. She was formerly assistant editor for clinical pharmacy for both The Salvadore and Clinical Pharmacist.

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  • Play to win

    You are the model customer: you have filled in the back of your prescription perfectly and wait patiently for it to be dispensed because you understand how busy the dispensary can get. You don’t mind waiting because it gives you time to covertly observe your surroundings and, dare I say it, check out the competition.

    Pharmacy practice and profession blog3 JUN 2013

  • Needle in a haystack of Thatcher's legacy

    Among Margaret Thatcher’s many controversial decisions that affected the lives of UK citizens, one less known from her 11 years as UK Prime Minister was her decision to support needle exchange schemes.

    Pharmacy practice and profession blog17 APR 2013

  • Conquering the man-made epidemic of medical errors

    Patient safety activist Sorrel King stole the show at the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists annual congress and she wasn’t even there. Sorrel King is not a patient safety expert. She’s not a pharmacist, a nurse or a doctor. No, Sorrel King is not a healthcare professional at all. She is the mother of a child who died at the hands of healthcare.

    Pharmacy practice and profession blog22 MAR 2013

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