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John Donoghue is director at Medicines in Mental Health Ltd, 164 City Quay, Ellerman Road, Liverpool, L3 4FE.

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  • Pill blister packs

    Antidepressants in the treatment of major depression: a changing landscape for clinical decision makingSubscription

    2 APR 2019

    With publication of the update to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence depression guideline postponed until late 2019, this article aims to examine the findings of the Cipriani et al. meta-analysis in the wider context of the management of depression in the UK.

  • How to screen people for possible depressionSubscription

    CP, 2011

    Depression is a complex illness that can be difficult to identify and diagnose.

  • Wrong tack

    29 JAN 2000

    SIR, I feel I should comment on “Onlooker” (PJ, January 8, p42) and the article on understanding depression. Clearly “Onlooker” does not understand depression well, and one gets the impression that much of the article was based on a textbook of psychiatry from at least 25 years ago. The attitudes, knowledge and understanding conveyed by “Onlooker” are a poor reflection on pharmacists, bearing in mind the signifi

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