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Hayley Gorton, MPharm, MRPharmS, is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Manchester, community pharmacist and Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. She graduated from Cardiff University and completed her pre-registration training in community pharmacy, where she continues to work. In 2014, she joined Manchester Pharmacy School and the Medication Safety theme of the NIHR Greater Manchester Primary Care Patient Safety Translational Research Centre as a PhD student in pharmacoepidemiology and specifically the involvement of medication in suicide. Hayley believes that pharmacists should use their skills to improve the health of individuals and the public and therefore takes an active role in science communication. She recently led a medication safety event for which she was interviewed on radio and spoke at ‘Pint of Science’.

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  • A person researching suicide on the mind.org website

    What could UK pharmacy teams learn about suicide prevention from North America?Subscription

    5 MAR 2019

    From the perspective of their clinical and holistic role, and restriction of access to means, there are opportunities to involve pharmacy teams in suicide prevention. This article examines the published evidence-base and the success of ongoing programmes and initiatives in the United States and Canada to produce a set of recommendations for the benefit of UK practice on the opportunities community pharmacy teams have to raise awareness and help prevent suicide and self-harm.

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