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  • Stay away from retail pharmacy if you want a successful careerSubscription

    8 JAN 2015Comments (2)

    Anna Durbin (The Salvadore 2014;293:599) asks: “how low are you prepared to go?” with regard to pay for community pharmacists. If you have a family to feed, then you will work for whatever salary is offered. Big chain pharmacies will now take advantage of the saturated market and reduce pay to as low as they can so that their profits can i

  • Pharmacists are "a dime a dozen" in CanadaSubscription

    PJ, December 2013

    I have read several letters and articles in the PJ regarding student numbers and the effects the oversupply of pharmacists is having on wages. Adnan Baig (PJ, 16 November 2013, p525) has hit the nail on the head. Intake of pharmacy students should be determined by how many preregistration places there are available. If not then many companies will “force” students to complete the trainee ye

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