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Nikki Holmes, head of pharmacy for forensic services at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

How pharmacist Nikki Holmes helps mental health patients on their journey from high secure services to recoverySubscription

Nikki Holmes is head of pharmacy for forensic services at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, as well as immediate past president of the College of Mental Health Pharmacy. Here she talks to Julia Robinson about forensic mental health, how she entered the field and why she could never go back to “normal” pharmacy.

Karen Baxter is director of content strategy for The Pharmaceutical Press (PhP)

How Karen Baxter's career evolved from clinical pharmacy to content strategy Subscription

Twenty years after registering as a pharmacist, Karen Baxter, director of content strategy for Pharmaceutical Press, reflects on her move into publishing and shares some advice for others considering a similar career change.

William Wake, pharmacist

How pharmacist William Wake's time in the Royal Navy during the Second World War influenced his careerSubscription

Pharmacist William Wake received the highest French order for military and civil merits at the end of 2016. Julia Robinson finds out more about his time in the navy during the Second World War and his career in pharmacy.

Bugewa Apampa, pharmacist and one of just 18 black female professors in the UK

How Bugewa Apampa overcame the odds to launch a new pharmacy degreeSubscription

Pharmacist Bugewa Apampa has recently launched a new professional pharmacy degree at the University of Sussex. Here, she tells Julia Robinson about her journey to professorship.

Pharmacist Ana Martinez speaks during the Congress of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

How Ana Martinez helped tackle the HIV epidemic

Pharmacist Ana Martinez explains how involving pharmacists in HIV clinical trials earned her the highest honour from the International Pharmaceutical Federation.

Roger Knaggs, pharmacist, Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Royal College of Anaesthetists

How a pharmacist made a career in pain and anaesthesiaSubscription

Roger Knaggs is the first pharmacist to be appointed as a Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. He tells Julia Robinson about his journey into pharmacy and pain management.

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Prereg student exam

Autumn registration assessment pass rate up on last year

27 OCT 2017

The pass rate for the registration assessment in September 2017 is more than 17 percentage points higher than last autumn, according to results released by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

All For pharmacy preregistration trainees

Sarah Cavanagh, acting director of East Anglia Regional Medicines Information Service for Ipswich Hospital

Providing medicines information to the massesSubscription

Sarah Cavanagh, acting director of East Anglia Regional Medicines Information Service for Ipswich Hospital, looks back on her career and her work with a Tropical Health and Education Trust programme supporting training of health workers and capacity building in Mozambique

Hannah Le internal audit manager GSK Global

Managing risk and protecting patient safety as an internal audit manager for GSK GlobalSubscription

The career opportunities for pharmacists in industry are extensive says Hannah Le. Keep an open mind and don’t limit yourself — you might discover the career you always wanted, but never knew existed.

Cathy Cooke, pharmacy manager at Emerson’s Green NHS Treatment Centre

How I balance clinical and managerial support as pharmacy manager for an NHS Treatment CentreSubscription

We pharmacists need to make ourselves indispensable. Although medicines are everyone’s business, we are the experts, says Cathy Cooke.

Jas Khambh is a national pharmacy advisor to NHS RightCare, Medical Directorate, NHS England

How I work to improve patient health outcomes at a national level at NHS RightCareSubscription

Working on areas of healthcare where there is true innovation and value can be challenging but is also rewarding, says Jas Khambh.

Sarah Marshall, teaching fellow in global health and course leader for the Global Pharmacy MSc at Brighton and Sussex Medical School

From Brighton to Oman: my journey to establish pharmacy globallySubscription

The pharmacy workforce is an investment not a cost, says Sarah Marshall.

Amit Dhand, best selling crime author and pharmacist

Fact or fiction? My career as a pharmacist and best-selling authorSubscription

The world of pharmacy has changed so much in recent years, but is still misunderstood by the media, says Amit Dhand.

Rocco Hadland, heart failure specialist pharmacist at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

My journey from analytical chemist to heart failure specialist pharmacist

Helping patients to make sense of a serious and complex long-term condition is the most interesting part of my role, says Rocco Hadland.

Adedayo Titiloye, regional development manager in Manchester for Well

How I support pharmacists and community pharmacy teams in my role as regional development managerSubscription

Collaborative working and sharing best practice ideas with other healthcare professionals are vital to achieving excellence in customer care, says Adedayo Titiloye

Ade Williams, UK Community Pharmacist and Manager of the year 2017, says "Nothing beats knowing that you have contributed positively to a patient's life."

My life as superintendent pharmacist of a healthy living pharmacy and multi-award winner

Individual success hinges on the collective professionalism and competence of a team, says Ade Williams

Peter Bettles

How to get your foot in the door with foot careSubscription

In this Q&A — as part of a campaign by The Salvadore and RB — Peter Bettles explains how his pharmacy-based foot clinic meets his patients’ needs while boosting business.

James Andrews, national quality pharmacist, Virgin Care.

How I support community health services as a national quality pharmacistSubscription

The opportunities for pharmacists within the community services sector are huge, says James Andrews.

Nick Thayer, pharmacy services lead for Well

What I do as pharmacy services lead for an independent pharmacy business

Nick Thayer has always been vocal about the value and importance of local pharmacy services. Here, he describes how he is leading their development to ensure that community pharmacy remains a priority.

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Group photo of the Medicines Management Team (MMT) at Bay Medical Group, Lancashire

The medicines management team: a sustainable approach to pharmacist and GP collaborationSubscription

Steve Hemsley explains how pharmacists in Bay Medical Group’s Medicines Management Team have become instrumental in easing the burden of GP shortages in Lancashire.

Collage showing pharmacists, money and paperwork

What the changes to the apprenticeship levy mean for pharmacySubscription

Changes to the apprenticeship levy in England came into force in April 2017, meaning that regardless of the size of your pharmacy business, the apprenticeship programme should be seen as an opportunity to strengthen your workforce. Vanessa Kingsbury and Nick Marler explain what these changes mean and how the pharmacy team can make the most of them.

Illustration of young adults in laboratory

How to get the most from your summer placement

You have been successful in your application for a summer placement, but now what? In this article, Karen Gunnell and Kerry Neville discuss what to do and what not to do before, during, and after a placement, and how to get the most out of the experience.

Image of a media press conference with journalists holding up microphones

Media training and media-facing roles in pharmacySubscription

Pharmacy is too often left out of the media conversation on key healthcare issues, so it is important to strengthen our presence across all sectors, through both mainstream and social media. Gareth Malson explores how media training benefits both pharmacists and pharmacy.

Cutout paper dolls representing cooperation concept

The importance of improving GP and community pharmacy relationsSubscription

The relationship between community pharmacy and general practice has undergone significant changes over recent years, from a transactional one to that of co-managing the care of patients. However, these changes have brought new challenges. Saša Jankovic reports.

Storefront showing pharmacy services

Setting up a pharmacy provider company to win tenders for new services

With public health bodies and clinical commissioning groups now seeking single organisations to manage local services, Steve Hemsley examines the benefits for community pharmacists and pharmacies when creating pharmacy provider companies to tender for new services, as well as the risks and challenges posed by this new approach. 

Road with a three-way sign painted on pavement

From pharmacy technician to pharmacistSubscription

There is no easy career path for pharmacy technicians who want to become pharmacists. Steve Hemsley finds out more about the process and how some technicians have made it work.

Woman working in a factory of the pharmaceutical industry

What pharmacy trainees can expect from a preregistration year in the pharmaceutical industrySubscription

Gareth Malson explores the opportunities available in the pharmaceutical industry for preregistration trainees, and how they can secure placements in the sector.

Sophie Riddell with a client

How pharmacists can become aesthetic practitionersSubscription

As demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures increases, Saša Jankovic finds out about training requirements and industry regulation, and looks at the benefits pharmacists can provide patients by offering these services.

Pharmacist working at a hospital pharmacy in South London

What pharmacy students and trainees can expect from placements in hospital pharmacySubscription

Many pharmacy students seek placements in hospital pharmacies to help them decide on their future career path. But what are these placements likely to entail?

Professor speaks with students in a laboratory

The role of academic pharmacists in science and research

A career in academia allows pharmacists to conduct research and work in the cutting edge of pharmaceutical science. Here, Steve Hemsley speaks to academic pharmacists to find out more about what such roles involve.

Members of the team at Warman-Freed pharmacy

How pharmacists can boost sales of over-the-counter medicines

Joanna Mills, consumer and influencer insight manager at specialist over-the-counter pharmaceutical company Perrigo, uses examples from Warman-Freed pharmacy in London to explain how pharmacists can increase their sales of non-prescription products.

Call centre desks

What pharmacists do at NHS 111Subscription

Saša Jankovic finds out how pharmacists play an integral role at the non-emergency medical helpline for England and Scotland.

Calligraphy by Mark Borthwick

How your hobbies can boost your careerSubscription

Steve Hemsley investigates the interesting hobbies of pharmacists and how the skills they gain translate into career skills.

Lecturer in classroom full of students

How pharmacists can get into a career in academia

A career in academia means the opportunity to publish research and support future members of the profession, while often still retaining the ability to practise pharmacy. Steve Hemsley finds out how pharmacists can get started in the sector.

A writers' desk with different pharmacy-related magazines and publications

What a career in publishing has to offer pharmacistsSubscription

The media is a highly competitive industry and perhaps one that most pharmacists would not have considered exploring as a career option. However, there are many pharmacists who work in publishing.

Pharmacist stocks and checks various drugs

Careers in pharmacy procurement: medicines, management and moneySubscription

Jennifer Richardson finds out what type of professionals work in pharmacy procurement and why it may be a more interesting career option than you think.

Doctor and trainee with a patient

Placements for pharmacy students and trainees in GP practices and primary careSubscription

Preregistration trainees can now take advantage of opportunities in primary care. Gareth Malson finds out more.

Sallianne Kavanagh, a pharmacist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Practical ways pharmacists can gain leadership skillsSubscription

Sasa Jankovic takes a practical look at how pharmacists can seek opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

A candidate during an interview talks with the interviewees

Seven of the hardest pharmacy interview questions and how to answer them

Some questions asked in job interviews can be a challenge, even for an experienced pharmacist. What are prospective employers hoping to find out from the trickiest questions and how should you tackle them?

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Illustration of digital health concept

Digital health: a pharmacy student's perspective


In the age of information, digital technology affects everyone’s lives. It is one of the most important tools for a modern society to operate efficiently. In healthcare, technology is used not only to reduce human effort, but also to improve a patient’s quality of life, and even save lives.

Man jumps from one cliff edge to another

Theory to practice: reflecting on the jump from pharmacy student to preregistration pharmacist


Pre-reg pharmacist Gemma Thomas uses her experiences to explain why spending time across the pharmacy sectors is so important to development.

Hospital pharmacy signage

Making the most out of your preregistration year: A hospital trainee’s thoughts


Recently registered pharmacist Sean Quay shares insight into his year as a hospital preregistration trainee.

Tina Chung (left) and Kwok Bun To are two of the first batch of students to complete the fully accredited five-year integrated Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree

Merging theory with practice: the five-year integrated Master of Pharmacy degree


Tina Chung and Kwok Bun To describe their experience of being one of the first students to graduate from the University of Nottingham’s integrated Master of Pharmacy degree.

Books stacked forming staircase

In hindsight: reflections on the GPhC preregistration assessment


Newly registered pharmacist Sean Quay reflects on his experience of this year’s General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) preregistration assessment.

london underground tube platform mind the gap ss 17

Mind the gap between your clinical perspective and the patient’s perspective


Newly registered pharmacist Piruntha Palarasa describes how incorporating health coaching techniques into her practice has enhanced the patient consultation experience for both her and her patients.

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Special report

World AIDS Day: the long battle against the HIV epidemic

Great progress has been made in many countries to tackle the HIV epidemic. A newly diagnosed patient with access to the latest antiretroviral therapy (ART) can hope to have a normal life expectancy. Yet, over 30 years since the emergence of the virus, and 29 years since the first World’s AIDS Day, much more needs to done to bring these advances to developing countries and to reach groups at high risk of HIV transmission. One of the biggest barriers to achieving this aim is the stigma that is still rife in many countries.

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