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A simple, pain-free, non-invasive method would mark a major improvement in diabetes care. Various companies ... Thu, 12 Oct 2017 14:30 GMT AMR and diagnostics: pointing the way to better infection control- salvadore.info http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/amr-and-diagnostics-pointing-the-way-to-better-infection-control/20203597.article http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/amr-and-diagnostics-pointing-the-way-to-better-infection-control/20203597.article Antimicrobial resistance — the ability of previously sensitive microorganisms to resist the effects of an antimicrobial agent — is a growing problem. The World Health Organization has warned that we could be moving into a post-antibiotic era where even minor injuries could lead to life-threatening infections, consequently putting an end to complex surgery and returning us to an era where childbirth is high-risk. Fri, 22 Sep 2017 15:40 GMT Back to basics: striving to stall Parkinson’s disease progression- salvadore.info http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/back-to-basics-striving-to-stall-parkinsons-disease-progression/20203542.article http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/back-to-basics-striving-to-stall-parkinsons-disease-progression/20203542.article First described 200 years ago, Parkinson’s disease remains without a cure. After many failed clinical trials, researchers are getting back to basics to try to gain a better understanding of the challenges, and a new generation of treatment ideas are now in clinical trials, some of which aim to stall progression of the disease. Thu, 21 Sep 2017 15:44 GMT Making drugs work better: four new drug delivery&nbsp;methods- salvadore.info http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/making-drugs-work-better-four-new-drug-deliverynbspmethods/20203530.article http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/making-drugs-work-better-four-new-drug-deliverynbspmethods/20203530.article New drug delivery methods have started to emerge that aim to improve efficacy, cost-effectiveness and adherence as well as reduce side effects. Thu, 14 Sep 2017 11:27 GMT Peer discussion to become pharmacy's proof of professionalism- salvadore.info http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/peer-discussion-to-become-pharmacys-proof-of-professionalism/20203414.article http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/peer-discussion-to-become-pharmacys-proof-of-professionalism/20203414.article This is the first in a series of in-depth articles The Salvadore will be running on revalidation. The General Pharmaceutical Council is currently evaluating responses to its consultation on the new proposals, which closed on 17 July 2017. In this article, we examine those proposals in detail and explain what they will mean for pharmacists. In future articles we plan to focus on topics including implementation, obstacles and challenges and the ongoing development ... Fri, 18 Aug 2017 15:39 GMT Genomic medicine is going mainstream and pharmacists need to be prepared - salvadore.info http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/genomic-medicine-is-going-mainstream-and-pharmacists-need-to-be-prepared/20203321.article http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/genomic-medicine-is-going-mainstream-and-pharmacists-need-to-be-prepared/20203321.article The 100,000 Genome Project is driving the move from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatment, towards personalised, or precision, medicine. Genetic information is also being used by pharmaceutical companies to help speed up drug discovery and development, and reduce the associated costs. Pharmacists will have an important role to play when genomic medicine goes mainstream. Thu, 17 Aug 2017 14:42 GMT A strong base: the importance of foot health- salvadore.info http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/a-strong-base-the-importance-of-foot-health/20203182.article http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/a-strong-base-the-importance-of-foot-health/20203182.article Healthcare professionals are beginning to recognise the importance of keeping our feet in good working order, but does more need to be done to communicate this message to the public? Find out in this feature produced in partnership with RB. Fri, 11 Aug 2017 11:33 GMT Fledgling drone technology bringing medicines to remote regions- salvadore.info http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/fledgling-drone-technology-bringing-medicines-to-remote-regions/20203244.article http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/fledgling-drone-technology-bringing-medicines-to-remote-regions/20203244.article Several companies are working on drone technology to deliver medical supplies, including rabies vaccinations in Rwanda and hospital supplies in Switzerland. However, there are concerns about the practicalities of using drones to deliver medicines, not least the perception of drones as alien or military machines. Drones have a difficult path ahead, but there are enough instances where the case for their use is undeniable. Thu, 10 Aug 2017 14:15 GMT Prescription charges backfire on UK health and&nbsp;wealth- salvadore.info http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/prescription-charges-backfire-on-uk-health-andnbspwealth/20203213.article http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/prescription-charges-backfire-on-uk-health-andnbspwealth/20203213.article Rather than generating revenue, it appears that charging people with long-term conditions for their medicines results in patients not filling their prescriptions with hidden costs for their health, for the NHS and for the UK economy as a whole. Fri, 21 Jul 2017 12:35 GMT Medicines optimisation in dementia: the role of the community pharmacy- salvadore.info http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/medicines-optimisation-in-dementia-the-role-of-the-community-pharmacy/20203134.article http://salvadore.info/news-and-analysis/features/medicines-optimisation-in-dementia-the-role-of-the-community-pharmacy/20203134.article Community pharmacists are well placed to assist in the early identification of dementia, as well as to help patients to manage their medicines. However, a wider role for pharmacists, for example, conducting medicines reviews in patients’ homes, will depend on how their clinical role develops. Thu, 13 Jul 2017 15:13 GMT