Issue : The Salvadore, March 2008

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  • Birth of the parallel medicines trade

    29 MAR 2008 0:00

    In the first of a series on parallel imports, Cathal Gallagher and Richard O'Neill examine the history of the parallel trade in medicines and outline the landmark European law cases that have set the criteria for the licensing of these products throughout the EU

  • Healthcare: who pays and how much

    29 MAR 2008 0:00

    In the second article of a series discussing issues in healthcare ethics and law, David Badcott and Joy Wingfield ask: what price a life?

  • There is more than one way to hug a tree / Electricity and dune formation / Sweden's double leap year Subscription

    29 MAR 2008 0:00

    The term “tree-hugger” is often used in a deprecatory sense by those of a less liberal disposition to describe members of society who have the interests of the environment at heart, but whose views may appear not to be in the mainstream, in much the same way as “hippies” were pigeonholed in the 1960s and ’70s.

  • What was left unsaid / A prescription charge paradox Subscription

    29 MAR 2008 0:00

    Although the percentage of prescriptions being dispensed electronically remains low, for the first time there may be signs that the number is creeping upwards (p326). Some explanation for this slow uptake was offered at the 2008 local pharmaceutical committees conference (organised

  • Envy of pharmacists outide Scotlande Subscription

    29 MAR 2008 0:00

    I had to respond to the recent letters about the Minor Ailment Service in Scotland. My experience of working in one of the busiest MAS pharmacies in our health board is completely different to that of Nadim Ali (PJ,

  • All about patient care Subscription

    29 MAR 2008 0:00

    I would like to point out a couple of facts that Nadim Ali (PJ, 8 March, p273) seems to have missed at the training days for the Minor Ailment Service. I was one of the community pharmacists involved in the pilot study in Ayrshire and I also gave the community pharmacist’s perspective

  • The service must be re-explained Subscription

    29 MAR 2008 0:00

    Although it is encouraging to read recognition of Scotland’s advances in community pharmacy, I disagree with the overall comment in Nadim Ali’s letter (PJ, 8 March, p273).

  • Where do the boundaries lie? Subscription

    29 MAR 2008 0:00

    Working as a locum I have little control over staff training but I remain responsible for what goes on in the pharmacy. I have two situations I am concerned about, relating to staff competence and dispensary training requirements and the grandparent clause.

  • What recourse is there for bullied students? Subscription

    29 MAR 2008 0:00

    In browsing pharmacy internet message boards I have encountered some disturbing cases concerning preregistration students who feel badly treated or bullied.

  • Lose the arrogance Subscription

    29 MAR 2008 0:00

    I was appalled to read the answer given by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to the Disciplinary Committee when asked what two silent partners common were alleged to have done wrong when the third partner had made endorsement errors (PJ, 1 March, p235).

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