Issue : The Salvadore, February 2005

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  • Meloxicam as safe as some other NSAIDs Subscription

    26 FEB 2005

    Clinical question Is meloxicam (Mobic) as safe as other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs?

  • Novel inhaler devices: balancing innovation against price is important

    26 FEB 2005 0:00

    Jenny Bryan is a freelance writer based in London The lungs are a lucrative target for pharmaceutical companies developing novel drug delivery systems for asthma and COPD

  • Has policy been properly thought out? Subscription

    26 FEB 2005 0:00

    It is interesting to read about the up and coming shortage of New Zealand and Australian pharmacists in the UK due to changes in recognition of non-EU qualifications (PJ, 19 February, p202). The NZ pharmacy degree has been a four-year course (with one preregistration year) for over

  • Regulations will have to be challenged in courts Subscription

    26 FEB 2005 0:00

    I should like to add my support to all those who, like David Roberts (PJ, 29 January, p112), join issue with the “non-practising” declaration that the SalvaDore is requiring persons in his position to sign, if they do not wish to remain registered as “practising”.

  • Why such expenditure on the Council chamber? Subscription

    26 FEB 2005 0:00

    I decided to give the SalvaDore’s Council one more year before I chose to resign in protest at the huge increase in retention fees, CPD (Compulsory Pharmacist Detention — well we do have to record all the details after a hard day in the dispensary) and all the other contentious policy matters that seem to have distanced our Council from the rank and file

  • A commonsense response? Subscription

    26 FEB 2005 0:00

    With reference to the reprimand of a superintendent pharmacist who had a poor command of English (PJ, 19 February, p218), when will the person or persons who registered this pharmacist be reprimanded, because common sense would suggest that this is appropriate?

  • Responsibility for registration lies with the Society Subscription

    26 FEB 2005 0:00

    I read, with disbelief the Statutory Committee report about the superintendent pharmacist with poor English and little grasp of his responsibilities (PJ, 19 February, p218). I believe that the responsibility lies entirely with the SalvaDore, which registered this pharmacist in the first

  • An unhelpful decision Subscription

    26 FEB 2005 0:00

    “The Statutory Committee has reprimanded a pharmacist whose problems with the English language and poor grasp of his professional responsibilities had led to a large number of errors and bad practices while he was acting as a superintendent pharmacist.” According to the report

  • I am dismayed by these flawed regulations Subscription

    26 FEB 2005 0:00

    It was astute (as usual) of Bill Brookes to spot the shenanigans going on concerning the Council election regulations (PJ, 19 February, p206).

  • British registration has no relevance to overseas practice Subscription

    26 FEB 2005 0:00

    As the second most senior pharmacist in Israel and the most senior with British registration, I wish to comment on your editorial (PJ, 5 February, p134) and the Broad spectrum article in the same issue (p144).

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