Issue : The Salvadore, September 2012

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  • Pharmacy limbo

    30 SEP 2012 By Ranveer Bassey

    Community pharmacy is currentlyin limbo somewhere between being rewarded for supply and being rewarded forservices.  The confusion this generates isn'tgood for the profession.

  • IDDM – Why?

    28 SEP 2012 By Brendan Fraser

    I stumbled across a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic patient recently and was suddenly bewildered. I understand the basics surrounding diabetes, but wondered why the destruction of insulin-producing pancreatic cells actually occurs.

  • Whooping cough vaccination to be offered to pregnant women Subscription

    28 SEP 2012 11:20

    Pregnant women across the UK will be offered whooping cough vaccinations from next week, in a bid to halt the sharp rise in the number of infants with the condition, the Department of Health announced today (28 September 2012).

  • A new year.....

    28 SEP 2012 By Sophie Khatib

    And so another new year begins.  Introductory lectures for new modules, buying new folders and starting the bane of my life – my to do list!

  • Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial

    27 SEP 2012 By Emily Hardaker

    It's been advertised on Channel 4 for the past week non stop, and last night the first part of Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial finally arrived. Its a two part programme (second part is tonight) that puts 25 volunteers through a double blind drug trial. Each person would get either get a placebo, Vitamin C or 83mg of pure MDMA. Although after watching the volunteers it was pretty obvious who had had MDMA and who hadn't due to the massive black pupils you just don't get with a dose ...

  • Pfizer campaign poster

    Pfizer pharmacy campaign will promote medicines optimisation Subscription

    25 SEP 2012 14:12

    Pfizer is launching a community pharmacy campaign in England next month to encourage patients to take their medicines as prescribed.

  • Reclassification of medicines

    24 SEP 2012

    One of the changes continuouslytaking place in pharmacy, and that pharmacists and students are expected to keepupdated on, is medicine reclassification.  Reclassification can be defined as a change inlegal status of a medicine. Common types of reclassification of medicines

  • Eye liner to make your eyelashes grow?

    24 SEP 2012 By Sara Valente

    One of my favourite things to blog about is the weird andwonderful vanity items that pop up in stores that claim to boost such things astanning and weight loss. The latest that has caught my eye is a new type of eyeliner from the brand M2 Beauté that can apparently, after severalapplications, promote eyelash growth. This isn’t the same as mascaras that make

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