Issue : The Salvadore, October 2012

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    Clinical Pharmacy Conference 2012 - Abu Dhabi Subscription

    31 OCT 2012 14:53

    Helen Meynell reports from the second annual Clinical Pharmacy Conference in Abu Dhabi *This meeting report has not been edited. Click here for more information

  • Patients should not be overlooked Subscription

    31 OCT 2012

    From a patientCancer chemotherapy is a challenge at any time for both healthcare professionals and patients. Enormous strides have been made in the development of these potent treatments and many of us are alive and active today because of them.

  • A con of the first order Subscription

    31 OCT 2012

    From Mr J. P. Smith, MRPharmSAt last you have published a letter (PJ, 20 October 2012, p441) which reflects the views of many pharmacists who see all the “bolt-on” services that we have agreed to undertake for what they are: a con of the first order.

  • I could not care less about climate change Subscription

    31 OCT 2012

    I have been reading with interest the debate in the pages of The Salvadore regarding a possible role for pharmacists in educating the public about climate change (27 October 2012, p457).

  • Distribution arrangements hasten climate change Subscription

    31 OCT 2012

    From Mr A. Farquhar, MRPharmS

  • Not qualified to touch these medicines Subscription

    31 OCT 2012

    From Mr K. Brown, MRPharmS

  • How does the GPhC come to these decisions? Subscription

    31 OCT 2012

    From Mr D. F. Walls, MRPharmSThe General Pharmaceutical Council has a role to protect the health and well-being of the public and yet it seems to be oblivious to all the criticism from the profession for not upholding the professional standards of pharmacists which are necessary for safeguarding the public.

  • Say “yes” more often than “no” with OTC sales Subscription

    31 OCT 2012

    From Mr R. J. Dean, MRPharmS

  • Unintended consequences of new EU rules Subscription

    31 OCT 2012

    From Mr R. Smith, MRPharmS

  • No dosing instructions for CD syringe drivers Subscription

    31 OCT 2012

    From Mrs L. K. Gilpin, FRPharmSFive out of five of my latest Controlled Drug prescriptions for syringe drivers have had no dose, only “for use in syringe driver” and, as such, were illegal.

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