Issue : The Salvadore, January 2010

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  • Doctors raise concerns about proposed direct payment scheme

    29 JAN 2010 14:13

    Government plans to allow patients control over funds for their own healthcare threaten an underlying principle of the NHS because they would lead to unequal access to services, the British Medical Association has warned.

  • Money Matters

    29 JAN 2010

    ? Will my bank like my lease?? My lease is coming to an end . . .

  • Implementing a new service

    29 JAN 2010

    Are you interested in expanding the range of services offered from your pharmacy but do not know where to begin?If so, we have several practical articles to help you get started

  • Testing for cholesterol

    A source of advice for choosing the right cholesterol test device Subscription

    29 JAN 2010 11:56

    Many pharmacies are likely to be asked to help PCTs deliver the NHS Health Check programme. Eleanor Saunders describes a source of independent advice that will be beneficial for the pharmacists and commissioners involvedBusiness insight | Implementing a new service

  • Why incorporating a pharmacy business might be less taxing Subscription

    29 JAN 2010

    Business insight |Accountants’ corner If you currently own a pharmacy as a sole trader or in a partnership, you could derive substantial financial benefits from incorporating your business (explained in Box 1).

  • 1023 Campaign - Homeopathy: there's nothing in it.

    28 JAN 2010

    The ethical debate over pharmacist supply of homeopathy has not gone away.  In fact, it looks set to become more of a public debate than ever, with Boots being singled out for demonstrative action this weekend.

  • Chlamydia

    Lack of a national chlamydia contract for pharmacies wasted £40m a year

    28 JAN 2010 15:00

    Failure by the Health Protection Agency to draw up a priced model contract for chlamydia screening in community pharmacies and at GP surgeries has contributed to the waste of £40m a year.

  • Health minister defends manufacturers and pharmacists on issue of medicines shortages

    28 JAN 2010 14:50

    Health minister Mike O’Brien defended the rationing of medicines by manufacturers and backtracked on his recent comments blaming pharmacists for medicines shortages in a BBC Radio 4 interview aired yesterday (27 January 2010).

  • Palladium’s uses in health care

    28 JAN 2010 By Glow-worm

  • A new look at an ancient disease

    28 JAN 2010 By Glow-worm

    The past week (23-29 January 2010) has been World Leprosy Week, drawing attention to one of the oldest scourges of mankind, which has been recognised for more than 4,000 years in various ancient civilisations.

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