Issue : The Salvadore, February 2013

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  • Should antidepressants be included in the new medicine service?

    28 FEB 2013

    Compliance of antidepressant medication is important in order to achieve all of the therapy goals; this includes symptom resolution, restoration of normal functioning and prevention of relapse of recurrent episodes.

  • Adopting technologies in the pharmacy

    28 FEB 2013

    It has been a busy couple ofweeks for me partly due to numerous assignments and an external hospitalplacement. It was during this placement where I was able to witness pharmacy

  • Community Cross Sector Placement

    28 FEB 2013 By Brendan Fraser

    I completed my two week cross sector placement in community pharmacy last week. I'm going to be honest, it was hard work! Initially, I knew how busy it would be as I had worked at the branch previously.But, unless my memory is failing me, it felt like it had got worse.

  • The link between diet and acne

    28 FEB 2013 By Benedict Lam

    During my teenage years I was told often by my parents (or some “know-it-all” adult) not to eat chocolate and sugary and fatty foods otherwise I would get spots. But when I asked my GP about this he said I could eat whatever I wanted because diet does not determine the severity of my acne

  • Roche forms independent body to widen access to trial data Subscription

    28 FEB 2013 15:15

    Roche has announced the formation of an independent body to help widen access to clinical trial data for third party researchers. Roche said that the body will evaluate and approve requests for access to anonymised patient-level data.

  • A real pharmacist! Subscription

    27 FEB 2013

    From Mr G. C. Swift, MRPharmSI was surprised and indeed delighted to see the front cover of The Journal dated 16 February 2013 portraying a pharmacist wearing a white coat. Then I noted the cover drew my attention to p170 and the Francis report. This led me to believe that the pharmacist shown was a hospital pharmacist. What a pity.

  • Sad for the profession Subscription

    27 FEB 2013

    From Mr G. A. Weaver, MRPharmS

  • Smart drugs and me

    24 FEB 2013 By Ranveer Bassey

    I have a confession to make.  I have taken a smartdrug.  It was not prescribed for me, norwas it bought from a registered pharmacy. It improved my alertness, increased my attention and allowed me to workfor longer.  But you can hang up yourcall to the GPhC.  I’m talking aboutcaffeine.

  • A woman's right to choose

    23 FEB 2013

    0012331334London School of Pharmacy113156414.0

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