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  • Hospital pharmacy store room

    How precarious antibiotic supplies are putting patients at risk Subscription

    The antibiotic supply chain is “at risk of collapsing”, which could lead to major problems treating serious infections and add to resistance levels.

  • Online pharmacy concept

    Is it worth all community pharmacies having an online presence? Subscription

    With multiples tackling the threat of online retailers head on, should smaller chains and independents try to compete with the big boys?

  • Illustration of MRSA cells

    The global race to combat antimicrobial resistance Subscription

    The Longitude Prize has relaunched after 300 years and this time teams around the world are racing to develop a rapid point-of-care diagnostic test that will help prevent the overuse of antibiotics and put them in the running to win £8m.

  • Bridge

    Bridging the gap: CPOs back foundation training plan Subscription

    A post-registration foundation programme would offer support to newly qualified pharmacists and prepare them for their evolving roles, but it is unclear how a uniform system could be established across the UK.

  • Montage of RNAI illustration and scientists in research lab

    RNA interference therapies could be on the cusp of success Subscription

    This new way of modifying problematic gene expression has had a rocky start — but things are looking up.

  • Image of google search engine

    Health anxiety: currently trending Subscription

    Do pharmacists have a role in reducing the side effects of ‘Dr Google’?

  • Pills, pharmaceutical manufacturing company

    ‘It went berserk’: Generic medicines chaos hits pharmacies hard Subscription

    The prices of generic medicines are rising, caused by action by regulators and a decrease in the value of sterling following uncertainties about Brexit, leaving pharmacies out of pocket.

  • Opium poppy historical illustration

    Pain relief: designing better opioids

    While opioids are powerful painkillers, they come with dangerous side effects and carry a sometimes fatal risk of addiction. However, new, safer opioids are being developed using a variety of innovative strategies to maximise analgesic properties, while reducing the burden of side effects.

  • Immunotherapy research in diabetes concept

    Immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes: what’s in the pipeline?

    For many autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, drugs that work by targeting components of the immune system are providing relief for millions of patients. However, there is no immunotherapy currently licensed for type 1 diabetes, and the reasons for this are multifold. A number of research groups and pharmaceutical companies are focusing on various aspects of the immune system to try to develop an effective immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes.

  • Opposing faces, good versus bad, nocebo effect illustration

    Nocebo: the placebo effect’s evil twin Subscription

    The little-known nocebo effect, where negative expectations about treatment lead to side effects, can have a huge impact on clinical outcomes. It is important that healthcare professionals are aware of the nocebo effect and talk to patients about their medicines in a balanced way so as to try to minimise it.

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